The Selwood Potty List

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As experts in outdoor play equipment and climbing frames we are strong believers in letting children be children. Our younger years are for carefree, wild, fun not worries and stresses. That’s why when we spotted a potty list for toddler’s causing a buzz on the internet we were quite interested to see what was on it.

The idea of a potty list, a children’s version of a bucket list, is to list all of the things a child should have done by their third birthday. We loved the ideas on there. They range from old fashioned fun to mischief and a little bit of naughtiness. In there is to make a mud pie, break something valuable and wear pants on their head. Noticeably no electronic toys or TV related activities featured.

We thought we would come up with a few additions of our own. As our climbing frames range from 3-10 years our potty list is more of a ‘Things to do before you reach 10’.

1. Whizz down a slide.
2. Be pushed so high on a swing you think you’re going to go right over the swing beam.
3. Sneak up a slide the wrong way.
4. Learn to swing yourself.
5. Go from one end of the monkey bars to the other…solo.
6. Hang upside down from a trapeze bar.
7. Bounce so high on a trampoline you scare yourself.
8. Be brave enough to swing higher than your brother/sister.
9. Race to the highest point of your climbing frame and declare you are King of the castle.
10. Create your very own den, complete with secret password and secret handshake.

Outdoor play equipment is ideal for allowing children to let loose and really run wild in the safety of their own home.

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