The Olympic Inspired Climbing Frame Range

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At the time of writing this there is 30 days and just over 16 hours left until the 2012 London Olympics start. With that in mind we have launched our very own Olympic inspired climbing frame range.

The Olympia range is all about quality and style. All climbing frames in the range come with gorgeous fully wooden roofs which not only look fantastic but are also very durable. The great thing about the Olympia range is the variety it offers. Each climbing frame keeps the same elegant look but the features change slightly. This way the range is available to all.

The Belton Climbing Frame

There are different swing options, you can choose between two belt swings and a glider or two belt swings and a trapeze bar, and slide variations – a straight wavy slide which sticks out straight from the front of the frame, or a curved wavy slide which starts at the side of the frame and curves round to drop little ones off at the front (Chartwell, Osterley, Ickworth).









The Osterley Climbing Frame

The Olympia range also gives you the choice between having a lower playhouse package and having open space below your upper play deck (Woodchester). The playhouse package is a great addition to a climbing frame. It includes two stools which attach to the wooden wall and a large serving hatch style window. You can also choose between the type of swing beam you want. There is the standard 3 position swing beam which just includes the two belt swings and trapeze bar/two-child glider (Hinton & Chartwell), and there is the monkey swing combo beam. This is a swing beam which is also a monkey bar beam. The swing options simply clip and unclip on and off it. This is a great way to have lots of exciting features for the kids without it taking up the entire garden. For those who have the space there is the option of having both the swing beam and the monkey bars separate (Stoneacre).







The Stoneacre Climbing Frame

The Olympia range may be olympic inspired but it will last way past the 2012 Olympics and will still be offering fun and excitement well into the next olympics. To view the Olympia range click here.










The Woodchester Climbing Frame

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  1. We bought the Osterley climbing frame for our children, aged 6 and 8. They love it and spend hours out in the garden. My wife and I are really pleased with the purchase! This has been a summer to remember – weird weather, the Jubilympics and a new climbing frame 🙂

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