The Spice Girls buy from Climbing frames UK

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Or at least this is what we think they would buy.

Harper Beckham's Georgian mansion playset

The Georgian Mansion is perfect for little Lady Beckham

The Crooked Treehouse Multiplay System

This kooky Crooked Treehouse Multiplay System was made for Scary Spice’s 3 girls

So, you have just had a new baby.  You already have a few children in the family and have decided the time is right to purchase an outdoor play system to keep them all occupied.  If you are seeing similarities with this then you are in the same position as 2 Spice Girls!!!

When you need to pick a frame for your growing brood, you will be using criteria that ensures you can satisfy several needs:

  • Price
  • Size
  • Play Features

Price is key, price generally is the starting point to any purchase.  Here on Climbing Frames, there is a wide range of price points suited to all pockets.  With the starting price point of the Andorra Climbing Frame, a beautifully crafted double swing beamed play system, with 3 ft deck height, a combination rockwall/stepladder and a tarpauline roof, this is an ideal starter frame for your young ones.  Moving up to a Crooked Tree house Multiplay, which is a bespoke build, manufactured from scratch to your specifications within 6-8 weeks, there really is no reason to shop anywhere else.

Size is also a major decision making element.  Whether you own a terrace, a semi or detached, we all own a piece of grass big enough to build a playsystem on.  With the smallest set measuring only 3 x 3m2, this is a big enough area to get your little ones out in the garden playing on a play system.  If you are lucky enough to have a larger garden area, one of  biggest frames measures, 9 x 7m.    All frames have the same basic play features, so whatever the space available, there will be enough activity and fun for your little ones to play on/with.

Play Features is a also a key decision maker as ultimately the purchase is made to ensure your child/children are entertained enough within the garden alone or with friends and growing and building on important skills.  All of our play frames have the same basic elements.  Speedy slide ranging from a 1m to 3m, either a combination rock wall/stepladder or seperate ones.  A play fort covered either by a tarpauline roof or a wooden one.  Generally there is a sand play area situated beneath the playfort, although on some sets there is a cafe style playhouse option.  Generally all frames are set up for 3 position, although this is different depending on the set.  There are also monkey bars which are available as an added extra or included in the set.

So we have ticked all 3 boxes on your shopping list, so jump on the website and take a look at the available range!! Need more choice? Have a look at climbing frames range.


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