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Brand New to the UK!
The Station Climbing Frame! Launching in November, this Climbing Frame will not be one to miss out on.


The only Climbing frame featuring a kitchen. Yes, a kitchen area for the children to use okay so sorting out mains electric and water line might be costly, but so worth it. Joking its not a real kitchen. Featuring free hanging pots and pans with an oven and sink area. This will keep your children amused for even longer. Please Note: This feature is not available to purchase separately.

Not only does this Climbing Frame feature a kitchen area, but it also comes with a clock/chalkboard and an yellow straight slide that is another new feature in the UK.


Not forgetting the rock-wall ladder, two belt swings and the trapeze bar. The Station Climbing Frame will undoubtedly keep your children entertained for hours on end. Get your kids excited about being outside with this climbing frame. If you have prepared a game in the kitchen outside and it rains it’s easily transferable inside, although we hope that doesn’t happen. This kitchen also has a serving area for the little ones to place new creations on and others can sit down and enjoy.

The full dimensions of the Station Climbing frame are:
Width 13’3″ – Depth 10’6″ – Height 8’11”

Meaning it’s a fantastic compact play-set that you can fit into a space whilst remaining structurally strong, secure and visually stunning to the eye.

Our most popular accessory The Selwood Glider will also fit onto this set. So what a perfect gift to add when you purchase or at a later date to make the set that even more appealing to use with friends. The glider is an easy install and adds a great deal to a climbing frame letting kids play work together and get higher.

The Station Climbing Frame will SOON be available with a 5 – 10 working day delivery. Watch this Space for more information see the Station Climbing Frame’s product page here.

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