Time to spruce up your climbing frame?

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Scenario 1:

So you have a climbing frame in the garden and the kids love it. We’re approaching Christmas and everyone is starting to think about what to get their children for Christmas. You don’t want them to be cooped up indoors, playing on computer games or watching DVDs, so what are your remaining pressie options?

Scenario 2:

You have a climbing frame in the garden and the kids used to love playing outside. But now that they have exhausted their imaginations, they are choosing to stay indoors and play on the computer or games console instead of going out into the garden and creating their own games? How can you reignite their interest in the climbing frame?


Here at Climbing Frames UK we have a wide variety of accessories that are perfect for breathing new life into your climbing frame. Get the kids excited about playing outside over the Christmas period by investing in a couple of accessories that will rekindle their love for playing outdoors!

All of our accessories come with the fixings needed to attach them to any wooden climbing frame. They are all made of the best materials and are tested to comply with the required European safety standards for all outdoor toys. They are designed for use by children between the ages of 3 and 12 and are sure to spark the imagination of even the most reluctant child! The play frame accessories we stock are all brightly-coloured and will complement any play structure. Make the kids make the most of their garden toys.

We have such a wide selection of accessories that you are bound to find something suitable that you think your children will love! Christmas doesn’t have to be difficult, neither does getting your little ones to favour the garden over the games console!

Take a look below for some of our favourite accessories from our current range!

Jumbo Binoculars

One of our favourite accessories, these Jumbo Binoculars are bound to be a hit with the kids. They are made from heavy duty green and yellow plastic and contain clear lenses which do not magnify (for obvious reasons!). They will spark your child’s imagination and provide hours of entertainment!


Captain’s Wheel

What better way to truly transform your climbing frame or tree house into a speedy pirate
ship, sailing out to conquer the seven seas, than with the Captain’s Wheel? This brilliant accessory is made from bright yellow plastic with detailing around the outer edge. The wheel can be turned and makes a realistic clicking sound when used – exactly like the sound of a ship, being craftily manoeuvred across the treacherous ocean…

Fireman’s Pole

The Fireman’s Pole is a lovely addition to any climbing frame that features a 4ft, 5ft or 6ft play deck. The pole comes in one size. You simply need to concrete the pole into the ground until it measures the height you require. Painted in a lovely natural green colour, the Fireman’s Pole will complement any frame and provide another exciting exit for your children – perfect if the queue for the slide is always long!

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