Top 3 games to get your children outdoors this summer

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Long story short – Outdoor play is extremely beneficial for children! and here are just a few reasons why and our climbing frame’s staff have been thinking of games;

– It a great way too exercise
– Increases flexibility
– Develops motor skills
– Burns off that extra energy
– Increases creativity

With this in mind we have come up with our top 3 outdoor games. These require no extra expense, instead they are packed with creativity and fun for all the family.

1 – Sports day!

Why not host your very own sports day, invite your children s friends (and your too!)
Events can include the traditional egg and spoon race, and the three legged race!


2 – Homemade Slip and slide

This will be hours of fun, and grown ups are invited to join too! Simply lay out a large tarp, and set up a garden hose so that the water is running down the tarp.
‘tip’ – for an extra fast ride add washing up liquid to the water.


3- The alphabet challenge

This game will allow your children to discover the outdoors. Simply mark the letter of the alphabet onto sheets of paper, and the aim of the game is to find or collect as many different objects within the garden which begin with each letter. You can even turn this into a competition!


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