Our top ten climbing frames from Climbing Frames UK

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Here at Selwood we try and cater to as many needs as possible, because of this we have a wide range of climbing frames in all shapes, sizes and price points to make sure we can offer something for everyone. With so many wooden climbing frames to choose from, some of our customers do struggle to choose between them all! It is hard to make a decision, but there are some key things to bear in mind to help:

  • Budget
  • Garden Size
  • Childrens Age
  • Do you prefer a colourful tarpaulin roof or a wooden roof?
  • What type of slide you would like

Have you ever wondered which of our climbing frames are the most popular? If after looking at this list you are still unsure check out the international supplier Selwood who have some to choose from.

Climbing Frames Top 10

1. Andorra Climbing Frame

Andorra Climbing FrameThe Andorra Climbing Frame is our smallest climbing frame from our range and most definitely one of our most popular sets. As it is the smallest it is ideal for children between 3 and 8 years old. It features two swings which can take a weight of 50kg per swing, a rock wall ladder that leads to a 1.0m deck height and is perfect for younger children who don’t have the confidence to use solely the climbing rocks , a 1.0m long slide, and a chalk wall.

2. Meadowvale Climbing Frame

Meadowvale Climbing FrameThe Meadowvale Climbing Frame is another set that is perfect for younger children (as well as older ones) it is also ideal for those with smaller gardens. It features a trapeze bar, two swings and a 2.2m long wavy slide. It also features a reversible tarpaulin roof so you can choose between yellow or green. The deck height is 1.2m and can be accessed by a rock wall ladder or a cargo net to the rear.

3. Oriana Prestige Climbing Frame

Oriana Prestige Climbing FrameThe Oriana Prestige Climbing Frame has been extremely popular since it was launched. It features a colourful tarpaulin roof, a 1.2m deck which can be accessed by a rock wall ladder to the rear. When up on the deck, there is a chalk wall for budding artists and then when your child is done, they can slide down the 2.2m wavy slide. It includes two belt swings and a trapeze bar but it is open for optional extras to be bought at time of purchase or at a later date.

4. Ridgeview Texas Climbing Frame

Ridgeview Texas Climbing FrameThe Ridgeview Texas Climbing Frame truly has a lot to offer. It features a wooden roof with a dormer window, two belt swings as well as a two child glider. The Ridgeview Texas Climbing Frame has a 1.2m deck height which is accessible from monkey bars to the rear and a rock wall ladder at the front, to descend it has a 2.2m wavy slide. To top it off there is a lower playhouse which has a café style area accessible from the rear, next to the monkey bars.

5. Balmoral Fort Climbing Frame

Balmoral Fort Climbing FrameThe Balmoral Fort Climbing Frame is perfect for those who would like something for their children but who are limited on space. Featuring a green tarpaulin roof with yellow sunburst detail. It has a 1.2m deck height, accessible from the rear by a rock wall ladder. It also includes a 2.2m wavy slide and a chalk wall. There are accessories that can be added on should you wish, if not, underneath there is a perfect space to turn it into a sandpit.

6. Belfort Prestige Climbing Frame

Belfort Prestige Climbing FrameThe Belfort Prestige Climbing Frame is another one of our smaller yet popular climbing frames. It too it suitable for smaller gardens without compromising on features. The Belfort Prestige includes a picnic table to the side of the fort which is perfect for breaks in between play, two belt swings and trapeze bar, a deck height of 1.2m, a green and yellow wavy slide as well as a slatted rock wall ladder.

7. Belton Climbing Frame

Belton Climbing FrameThe Belton Climbing Frame is an all-rounder climbing frame and is one of our most popular. Featuring a beautiful wooden roof it will blend right into your garden. This climbing frame includes a swing beam with integrated monkey bars which is a perfect space saver, a lower play house with café area and stools, two swings and a two child glider as well as a rock wall ladder, chalk wall and 2.2m slide. This set is perfect for mid to large sized gardens.

8. Woodchester Climbing Frame

Woodchester Climbing FrameThe Woodchester Climbing Frame is our entry level set from our popular Olympia series. It features a wooden roof, a swing beam with monkey bars built in, two swings and a trapeze bar. Our monkey bar swing beam is perfect who want multiple features but don’t have the space. Like many of our sets it also has the 2.2m slide, chalk wall and slatted rock wall ladder. The base of this can also be converted into a sandpit if you wish.

9. Clair-Monte Climbing Frame

Clair-monte Climbing FrameThe Clair-Monte Climbing Frame has proved to be very successful with it being one of our smaller frames with practically every feature you can imagine. You will need a slightly larger garden for this set as it has a separate monkey bar beam to swing beam. It also has two swings and a two child glider. In addition there is a chalk wall, rock wall ladder, 2.2m slide and a pretty little flower box at the front of the fort.

10. Harwood Climbing Frame

Harwood Climbing FrameThe Harwood Climbing Frame is another one of our popular sets, with built in monkey bars to the swing beam. It includes a colourful tarpaulin roof, a 1.2m deck height (accessible by a rock wall ladder at the rear) a chalk wall and a 2.2m wavy slide. The swing beam also includes two flexible belt swings and a trapeze bar. Like some of our other sets this is open to additions either bought at time of climbing frame purchase or at a later date.

So, there you have it, a list of ten of our most popular climbing frames. Perhaps this has made your choice a little easier, or perhaps it has just made you more confused. If you do have any questions you would like to ask us, don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our knowledgeable sales advisors will be able to answer your questions.

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