Top 5 most popular kids Trampoline Games

With the summer holidays looming climbing frames staffers thought we would get together some of our favourite activities you can turn to in times of desperation. Trampolines are a massive source of fun and can keep little ones occupied for hours.

If you already have a trampoline or if you plan on buying one soon you’ll be interested in our top 5 trampoline games the kids can play this summer.

Trampoline Crack the Egg GameCrack the egg – This is carried out with two or more players. One player acts as the ‘egg’ and sits in the middle of the trampoline tightly scrunched up in a ball with their knees pulled up to their chest. The other bouncers will have to try to ‘crack’ the ‘egg’ by bouncing up and down. The egg is deemed cracked once the ‘egg’ has let go of their knees. The winner is the one who lasts the most bounces.

Hot potato – Use a ball or soft toy and throw it quickly between bouncers whilst they are bouncing. Whoever drops it is out. Start by going round in a circle and then make it trickier by throwing to random people in the group.

Dodgeball – Place 4 balls in the middle of the trampoline and start bouncing. The aim is to avoid getting touched by one of the balls. Each person is allowed to be touched 10 times before they are out.

Simon says (trampoline version) – Just as in the normal version of Simon says one person is designated the role of Simon and the others must follow. The moves will include trampoline specific moves. The winner is the one who can follow Simon for the longest without messing up.

Attack the castle – This is a game to be played with several siblings or friends. Divide into two equal teams. One team stays on the trampoline which is the castle and the other team is in the garden. Around the garden are a selection of balls. The team in the garden then have to try to get all the balls onto the trampoline whilst the team on the trampoline have to defend the castle and make sure they get rid of the balls. The castle wins when there are no balls left on the trampoline and loses when all the balls have made their way onto the trampoline.

*It is important to remain safe and only play these games if your trampoline has a safety net.

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