Trampoline tricks and stunts on trampolines

We all know that trampolining is great for our health, but it can also be of fantastic benefit to confidence too! Check out our video below and see the fun and confident way which these two boys are doing amazing trampoline tricks and stunts.

Please note, we would always advise safe trampolining and suggest that you only have one person at a time on the bounce bed, and only do tricks and somersaults if correctly trained and supervised.

Trampolines provide us with great way to get outdoors and experience some great exercise as well as benefit from all the good things about being out in the sunshine! This, coupled with the exercise and social interaction is one of the best ways to build confidence and self esteem.

Climbing Frames UK have a great range of trampolines with four great brands. Our bottom end, entry level trampolines are from a company called Cortez Trampolines. Relatively new to the UK, they have a good product for a cheap price. Stepping up from that is our popular range of Selwood Trampolines. Selwood are one of the best suppliers of outdoor childrens toys in the UK and made their name supplying Tesco, Toys R Us and Early Learning Centre with Climbing Frames. Now they’ve brought their reputation for excellent value in to the Trampoline market and are upsetting some more established distributors and retailers with their cheap but well specified products. Slightly more expensive again are Jumpking, one of the biggest suppliers of trampolines in the UK, with a large range and a solid reputation you won’t be disappointed if you opt for a Jumpking trampoline. Topping our range are our Jumpsport Alley Oop trampolines which are manufactured to the highest quality using the best products and the highest specification – possibly the safest trampolines in the world.

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