Trampolines – Everywhere!

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When you are travelling past a run of gardens, take a look and you will notice something strange seems to be going on.
Trampolines! Often compact, and with protective netting to stop children bouncing off – have been springing up everywhere!

Gardening guru Pippa Greenwood, says she first noticed trampolines becoming more popular about 10-12 years ago, with them becoming “incredibly common” five years ago. “Most people who have got kids under the age of 12 seem to have one now they are very much a garden feature,” she says.

“All my friends’ children have trampolines,” says Siobhan Freegard. “We have a trampoline, and it’s always a topical subject on forums – which one to buy, safety tips for example.”

Safety tips
• Do not set the trampoline near trees, fences, poles, or other playground equipment
• Do not leave garden equipment – spades, forks, mowers – lying around near the trampoline
• Make sure the safety enclosure is always attached to the frame
• Always supervise children whilst playing on the trampoline
• Do not let too many children on the trampoline at one time

Those people lucky enough to have gardens often still don’t have much space. The compact nature of trampolines partly explains their popularity. The 8ft & 10ft JumpKing air trampolines are especially good for this.

The good thing about them is people that don’t have big gardens and don’t have access to quality, safe outdoor areas – or don’t like their children to spend much time out on their own because of ‘stranger danger’ – can fit them in a relatively small space,” says Freegard. “Trampolines provide a huge outlet for energy for children, and save sofas,” she says.

A recent survey found that 49% of 4 to 15-year-olds trampoline, while 23% do so regularly.

British Gymnastics says trampolining can be enjoyable, sociable, and good for fitness. It can increase co-ordination and body control and boost confidence.

Trampolining can be fun and challenging – it gets kids huffing and puffing, it’s outdoors, and it can be done with friends! Children love the feeling of bouncing on a trampoline.

The weather has been a big factor for trampolines this year – plus most families already have one now. We are seeing more climbing frames which are becoming more fashionable in gardens. With bigger climbing frames, which are using more green, eco-friendly products and timber.

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