Tube slides, children love them!

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At our Climbing Frames UK our most popular wooden climbing frames are Sandpoint climbing framedefiantly the ones with the spiral tube slides. Children love them. We took a few of our best selling climbing frames to the Local country shows and the tube slide proved to be the best by far. Children would go mad for a go on the ‘big’ slide. The Manufacture Selwood have created them so they are easily installed on the side of the frame

The slide comes in two different heights and one colour (Yellow). This way the slide isn’t just great for your children to play on but it is also great for you to look at.

The slide is made from durable, UV-protected HPDE to ensure its brilliant strength. The slide is a long, fun and exciting super safe ride. The slide is reinforced all the way around with clamp rings and strong bolts. All of the sets with the tub slide include a small support leg which attaches under the slide for extra strength.

The height of the tube slide is 4ft or 5ft high. For example, we have a tube slide on the Sandpoint Climbing Fame with a 5ft deck height. Here is a link to the Sandpoint:

All of our tubes slides attach to the left-hand side of the climbing frame with a left-hand exit. Yellow tube slide They are nice and brightly coloured inside as well as out, so that way even the youngest of children will love going down them. All of the fixings are attached to the outside of the slide when it is put together, that way there are no humps and bumps for the children to slide on.

The slide also comes with a 4ft deck height. This is on the Grandview Climbing Frame. Here is a link to view the frame:

This slide has the same fixings, actions and positions as the 5ft slide. However, it is on a 4ft deck height.

This spiral slide can also be sold alone, please click HERE to view it.

Or to view all of the climbing frames with a ‘tube slide’ please click on the link below:

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