Turn your climbing frame into something special this christmas

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Christmas is coming & so is the cold weather! Don’t just leave you’re climbing frame un played on and there to look out into the garden and find it wet & covered in snow! There are so many things you can do with your climbing frame in this cold, wet, snowy weather!

Why not turn your climbing frame into a Santa’s Grotto?

You can decorate the swings & swing beam with pretty coloured tinsel, lights and mistletoe. You could also put some Christmas decorations around the outside of the frame i.e reindeer, a Christmas tree, sparkly lights etc. In the lower playhouse area of your climbing frame you can put a ‘Stanta’s Grotto’ sign above the door and decorate the inside with Santa’s chair and presents. You could even leave his milk & biscuits in there so when he stops by on Christmas Eve he can have a little sit down and a snack in the Climbing frame.

If you don’t fancy a ‘Santa’s Grotto’ in your garden then let the children put their ‘snow suits/outfits’ on and slide down the snowy/wet slide! Let them lie down and see who can make the best snow angles all around the climbing frame, who can draw the best snow picture on the chalk board and who can swing for the longest.

Or if you don’t want to decorate your climbing frame but you still want the children to use it in this weather why not through a children’s party!?

Here are some outdoor games I thought would be fun for the children to play on and around the climbing frame:

Simon Says – Mum or help says “Simon says” go down the slide, swing on the swing, hang on the trapeze, up the ladder, hop on one foot etc, the list is endless. You can play this game so many different ways eliminate anyone who is slow to react, so you end up with one winner. Stay on the theme e.g. making the sound of animals, doing the actions of animals e.g. elephant, rabbits, birds etc.

Musical Statues – All the players have to run around and use the climbing frame while the music is playing, as soon as the music stops the children have to stand as still as a statue for as long as the music is not playing. The first child to move is out, repeat until you have a winner.

What’s the time Mr Wolf? – The child who is Mr. Wolf stand at the side of the Climbing frame where the slide ends, facing away from it. The other children take it in turn to climb up the rock wall ladder and down the slide to creep up on Mr Wolf shouting “what the time Mr Wolf?” Mr Wolf shouts back 2 o’clock, 6 o’clock etc but when he shouts “dinner time” all the children run. The one that is caught then becomes the wolf.

* All of these games can be played whilst listening to Christmas songs.

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