Would you let your under-age child play an 18 certificate computer game?

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Yes ? NO ? Or does it depend on the content?

Games such as Call Of Duty, Grand Theft Auto & SAW are all certificate 18. Many parents will queue up in Game to buy their 9,10, 11 year old’s these games. Do you believe in this or do you think the age restrictions are there for a purpose!? But do you stick too them? Increasingly it seems not flouting these age restrictions to allow kids to remain popular at school as all the other kids have them. With older brothers and sisters chipping in parents control over younger kids seeing images that simply aren’t suitable. However kids are getting access and some parents arent worries at all.

Some parents play these games with their child watching, sitting on their knee or even playing ‘against’ them. What is appropriate for the children to see and what isn’t?

Do you know whats in these games?

Well of-course you do if play them, this makes the important different knowing that its fantasy that its not realistic surely prevents any behavioural links that could occur from watching more realistic games that are just one man and gun shooting people. Does it make a difference that children are watching the “fantasy” violence as a pose to realistic violence? Children know the difference between playing and real, however these lines can be blurred at young age.

Copying behavior is one way in which kids will learn and exposing them to the some of scene in films and more realistic games will affect how they act and may cause unnecessary fears about the real world. That being said a documentary or newspaper article could cause distress. Children need protecting yes, but they need educating and positive real world  role models far more so any negative influence on children is then negated.

Age Rating What Do You Do?

Did you realise what the content of these games are? It can be stuff that a lot of people don’t want to see, even people older than 18! Let alone 10 or 11 so are they relevant? Yes, but whats okay for some isn’t for others and decisions on what kids see wont be exclusively controlled by parents anyway especially as they are often very tech say youngsters now.

If you would allow your child to play these games would you allow them to have internet-connected computers in their bedrooms? They can then connect and speak to the person (Maybe on the other side of the world) that they are ‘Fighting’ against.

Wouldn’t you rather you child be actively playing? Outside in the garden. On a trampoline playing on a climbing frame or maybe even just outside with his friends?

What is your opinion and views? We would love to hear them!?

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