We Don’t Just Sell Climbing Frames

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We’ve had several questions from customers recently about our other products. We are of course the climbng frame experts but we also sell a variety of other outdoor toys too. Some people simply don’t have the space in their garden for a large structure like a climbing frame or perhaps they already have a playset and simply want to add to it.

Our range of outdoor toys are not only great fun but very easy to put together. We have the standard sandpit which is great for younger children who may not be quite ready for all the climbing and scaling a climbing frame may involve. In fact our selwood sandpit recently appeared on the blog ‘A Boy with Asperger’s‘. In the post the blog author discusses how she hides things in the sand and uses it to help her son get used to different textures as part of a sensory integration plan. It was great hearing how many uses our simple sandpit has. Of course you don’t have to fill it with sand. You can use balls to create a ball pit or what about filling it with Smarties…now that’s an idea.

As an alternative we also have the Selwood Sand and Picnic Table. This is a clever combination product. It would appear to be a normal, albeit extremely useful, picnic table. Perfect for messy play, lunching in the sunshine or even doing homework on summer evenings. However, simply lift up the top of the table and underneath is a sand pit. Perfect for little ones to dig and delve in. Great for those who don’t have a lot of room in their back garden.

There is of course the standard picnic table with attached benches which look lovely in the garden and are great for little ones who love to socialise. There is also the very cute Octagonal picnic table with stools. This comes with a gorgeous red and white striped umbrella for keeping delicate skin in the shade.

A playhouse is a great compromise if you don’t want the garden to be taken over by outdoor toys. Both our Bayberry playhouse and Savannah playhouse look gorgeous and offer huge amounts of fun. They have great detailing like flower boxes, working weather vanes and even a white picket fence.

If your children love keeping active and rarely sit still a trampoline may be the answer. We do a wide range of trampoline sizes the smallest being an 8ft trampoline which is ideal if you don’t have a huge amount of space in your garden. If you already have a climbing frame adding accessories to it is a great idea for Birthdays and Christmas. We do jumbo binoculars, jumbo telescope, a trapeze bar, novelty phones and a steering wheel.

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