Wednesday Adventurer – Jonathan Trappe.

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This week’s adventurer comes with a definite ‘Don’t try this at home’ warning. Brave and slightly bonkers adventurer, Jonathan Trappe, has managed to travel across the Alps.

Jonathan Trappe

American Adventurer Jonathan Trappe

The Alps

Trappe travelled 94 miles across the Alps and reached altitudes of 15, 000ft.

‘Well that’s not that adventurous,’ ‘I could do that!’ I hear you cry. But could you do it using just helium balloons? Having already crossed the English Channel using the same method of transport, trained pilot Jonathan wanted to try his hand at being the first ever person to cross the European mountain range.

It took the quirky adventurer, originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, almost twelve hours and 54 gas-filled balloons to go from Gap in the South-East France to the Italian town of Andezeno.

The trip was a total of 94 miles and Jonathan reached awesome heights of 15, 000ft. “The most enjoyable part of the trip was also the most terrifying. At one point I thought I was heading straight for a Monte Viso,” he said. “My altimeter told me I was clear of it but my eyes told me I was going to slap into it and in that moment I was really scared. In the end I sailed right past it without a problem, which was just exhilarating.”

This mode of transport, known as cluster ballooning, is relatively new and was started back in 1982 by American, Larry Walters. By attaching 42 helium filled weather balloons to a patio chair, he managed to rise 15, 000ft into the air.  The highest altitude reached via cluster ballooning was 18,300ft by Mike Howard and Steve Davis back in 2001.

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Real life Disney 'Up' house lifted into the air

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The Summerville Climbing Frame would suit the quirky adventurer perfectly

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Can you think of other fun and bizarre ways to travel?

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