Wooden Climbing Frame For Christmas

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Are you looking for a brilliant Christmas present for your children or your grandchildren? We think you’ve come to exactly the right place for fabulous Christmas presents which will make the little ones’ faces light up on Christmas morning…

Climbing Frames UK is THE leading independent retailer of wooden garden play equipment and wooden climbing frames manufactured by Selwood. We also have a huge selection of outdoor toys. We sell all of our products at unbeatable prices, and we safety test everything to both EN-71 and ASTM safety resting standards so that we can be confident that what we are selling you is as safe as it can be.
Safety Testing Standards
Climbing frames and outdoor play equipment, we believe, make such fantastic presents because they encourage children’s imaginations – our wooden forts, for example, can be castles or the HQ of some weird and wonderful race of people your child has just invented – and they also encourage natural exercise.

Fresh Air

And as for the exposure to fresh air – well, regular readers will know that we rave about the benefits of fresh air a lot of the time. Pink, flushed cheeks may well make kids look cute, but rest assured that fresh air is also doing them a lot of good at the same time by exposing them to natural light and Vitamin D from the sun. It can also help with strengthening young immune systems.

So what particular climbing frames do we recommend? Why, all of them of course! But individual families have individual needs and it will depend on the age of your children, the size of your garden and what your budget is. For young children, can we suggest the junior climbing frame? It has a 12m deck with a 1.8m long slide, which makes it easier for you to reach and supervise children on the play deck and it means the climbing frame will take up less space in your garden.

The back of the play deck includes a full width chalk wall so your children can doodle and sketch whilst they play and there are two swings so the children can swing together with their friends. As this is a frame aimed at young children, we have included a special belt design swing, which means the swing will grip your children’s hips so that hey can learn to swing with confidence.

Range of Outdoor Play Features

Climbing Frame Play Area
If you are after a bigger wooden climbing frame, may we recommend the Ridgeview Deluxe Climbing Frame? It has a range of features perfect for zooming around and having fun on, as well as an area dedicated to keeping their batteries charged. The lower playhouse is completely enclosed with small windows to the front and a large serving hatch at the side with two café stools attached to the outside. It also features a rock wall with multi-coloured climbing rocks, monkey bars and a slide. Endless fun to be had!

Of course, it is easy for us to wax lyrical about the quality of our products, but our customer testimonials tell their own stories. The best compliments – and the ones future customers are most likely to trust – come from existing customers, which is why we always take the time and trouble to listen to our customers’ feedback and act on it if necessary.

Great Feedback

Here are just some of things our customers have said about our wooden climbing frames and playsets…

“What an amazing playset. Our two children are delighted with it, and they’re always reluctant to come indoors in the evening. We have been delighted with the quality of the wood and components. The structure is rock solid, and we are confident if will easily last our children until they are much old, or even into their teens.”

“I would just like to say how lovely the Pathfinder climbing frame is. We pre-ordered it at the beginning of June with a expected delivery date of 29th June we got a call on that day to arrange delivery everything went to plan, and when it came the guys carried it to my garden so well worth paying the extra delivery cost to have 2 man delivery.”

Read our reviews for our ranges of climbing frames, outdoor play equipment, trampolines, swing sets and special offers.

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