The Best – Wooden Climbing Frame!

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There are many different Climbing Frames out there for sale. Don’t settle for ‘It’s okay’ or ‘It will do’  find out which is the Best – Wooden Climbing Frame!

Here are three wooden Climbing Frames that are best sellers from each price range.

The Providence
This frame is one of our most popular sets under £400. This frame has a vinyl roof , Two Swings, a trapeze bar, cafe area and a ‘cool’ blue and yellow slide. This frame is Perfect for slightly smaller gardens, it helps to maximize the amount of play features whilst minimizing on the space require to build and store the playset.

The down side to this frame is the Vinyl roof comes with one year warranty where as the wooden roof has 10 year. This frame also doesn’t have the Monkey bars or Glider swing. But it is very affordable.

The Belton

The most popular set in our middle range is The Belton Climbing Frame. This frame is under £700. It has a 4ft deck height, a wooden roof, monkey bars, a two child glider swing and a lower playhouse. This frame is great for those who want everything but don’t have a long enough garden as it features our monkey bar/ swingbeam combo.

The Only downside to this Climbing Frame is that the Monkey bars cannot be used at the same time as the Swings.

The Skyfort
One of the most popular sets from our under £1,500 range is the Skyfort Climbing Frame. This frame has every feature on it from a upper deck/balcony to a jumbo telescope. Including separate monkey bars, Swings, a two child glider, Cafe area, a 10ft long wavy slide, a solid rock wall and separate ladder and a 5ft deck height.

This frame is excellent if you have older children (frame age range 3 – 12 years) and younger children. As you can have one child using the monkey bars at the same time as another child using the swings. Or on the ‘look out’ with the Jumbo Telescope. This frame also features a cafe area for eating dinner in the summer, doing school homework or just chatting to friends.

The Skyfort is a big frame (6.88m x 5.08m) so does need a big garden to fit in.

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Any of these frames would make a fantastic Christmas present! We also offer a Christmas Pre order Option for delivery in December.

You only have to pay 10% of the entire purchase price now and the remaining 90% at a later date. It’s great for those who are saving up for an item but don’t want to miss out on an unbeatable price.

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