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Wooden Garden Fencing

garden fencing

Resuming my theme on similar products, this time considering garden fencing and the benefits that they bring to a garden and what to consider when choosing and looking after a fence.

What’s It For?

For our equine clothing customers will be very different from what our climbing frame’s customers will require. Horses will likely not even consider three-foot fence an obstacle so aren’t likely going to be effective if the objective is to keep them in a field. However, ideal for separating a play area for children.

Looking to mark a garden boundary, then going all out with six-foot fences may be over the top and shut of a garden, but it may provide a little extra privacy and security if needed.

Deciding the height is only one aspect to consider a pannalised fence ideal for decorative fences, but tread carefully if you want to use them plant climbers, or keeping animals they may simply not be strong enough for the purpose you are intending them for.

Fence Care

Rot, decay and infestation cause damage to all woods (except cedar which protects itself with natural resins) carefully choosing wood and treatment to keep it in top shape is essential. Pine wood would have to be pressure treated before using outside, pre-built fences will usually have this done in a factory and may have stains and other options like being water-repellent or stains that add to the visuals of the wood. Having said this if we sold fences, it would of course be cedar wood used to a make them.

Wood should, within reason be smooth and without uneven patches that look like signs of degradation requiring treatment or usually replacement. The fencing should also have any harsh edges moulded just like our climbing frames to protect young hands or any animals that could cut themselves.

Fence Security and Safety

So, you installed a six-foot fence to provide security, you have the lockable gates it’s a first line of defense against theft from your property also providing a touch of privacy. To improve this add a defensive shrub, these prickly bushes can climb the fence and make scaling them a particularly painful experience and it looks so much better – not mention more friendly than barbed wire.

Fences can also be fitted with special toppings that make getting over even more uncomfortable to climb over, but I shall leave this to your imagination.


Never work with animal and children, at least that’s a commonly heard sentiment amongst TV presenters largely due to the unpredictability of these groups. Running around in the sun without a care; straying out of the garden into a road or a field with ditches and other un-seen dangers. Or they could trample hard-earned harvest, as they don’t see a boundary where the strawberry plants are kept, getting trampled. A year’s work wasted in one moment of reckless joy.

In conclusion considering the height, strength and how much after care you want to put into your fence you should have fair idea of what you want and need to consider, this fence building isn’t going to be the most talked about thing with friend. However, it will be simple rewarding project for you to complete while we have the good weather for outdoor projects.