Wooden Swing Sets – Safety, Money & Time.

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Wooden Swing Sets Safety Money Time the hidden benefits of having a Climbing frames a great addition that can spruce up the garden offering also offering somewhere for your children to play. There are all sorts of fun features you can expect with kids climbing frames, including slides and swings. If you are considering the purchase of selwood’s kids climbing frames, you will find that there are plenty of potential benefits for your child.


These days there is no much in the media about children being hurt or going missing which is why so many parents are now reluctant to let their children out of their sight. Obviously this is not always easy and you still also need to let your child have fun and enjoy the outdoors, but you still want to be able to keep an eye on them, especially at a very young age. Climbing Frames UK provide ideal products for your own garden to allow your children to have some fun, but also allow you to be able to know where they are and that they are safe at the same time.

Testing Standards – All of Climbing Frames UK Climbing frames/Swing Sets are for private residential use only. They are designed to meet EN71 testing standards. A school, nursery, daycare or other commercial property will be likely to need a product which conforms to EN1176 testing standards, which is for commercial use.

Untitled-8Our products do not meet EN1176 (commercial) standards, and the organisation would likely be asked to remove the product if they had an Ofsted inspection. You may also find that their insurance company would not cover them if there was an accident as they are using residential products for commercial purposes.

Wood – We use cedar wood for our climbing frames as it doesn’t require chemical pressure treatment with fungicide or pesticide. It is less prone to cracks, splits and splinters. Our cedar wood is gentle on small hands, and it’s naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attack.

All of our frames also come with a 10 year warranty included.


When you think about a climbing frame for around £500, £700 or even £100 most people think that’s expensive, but think what you get for your money & how much tidier your garden will be, especially if you have a smaller garden, or if you don’t want your garden to be littered with children’s play equipment!

Most of our frame feature:

– Monkey bars
– Children’s Swings
– Trapeze Bar Swing
– 2-Child Glider Swing
– Chalk board
– Lower wooden playhouse
– 2.2m speedy slide
– Rockwall ladder
– Seats & Cafe Counter

If you think about all of these items that you could have floating around the garden and how messy it would be.
Not to think of how much extra it would cost you!


No need to spend time going for ‘boring’ walks or spending all afternoon getting your child ready for swimming etc. trying to get your child to exercise.

Climbing Frames provide a fun way for children to get some exercise, the climbing frames have many different activities which children can enjoy such as the monkey bars which can really help to build strength and the rock walls for climbing up on and working the legs. Children should get a decent amount of exercise each day and with the climbing frame, they won’t even notice they are doing any.

Our Climbing Frames have so many features for you to choose from, you would be hard pushed to find a child who doesn’t love playing on our climbing frames. As well as the swings and slides, there are also options for monkey bars, solid rock walls, glider swing sets and much more. If you want to ensure your child has fun, Climbing Frames UK will definitely provide the solution without having to leave your home.

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  1. Hi, I agree totally. It used to be that kids would be running around outside by themselves out of sight of the parents, but now parents won’t even let their kids more than 10ft away at all times.

    There is also all the talk off too much TV & computer games ruining kids health (which I may not fully agree with), so a way to get kids outside playing, exercising, and using their imaginations is always going to be good.

    Climbing frames, especially the really cool wooden ones are expensive, sometimes really expensive. But I suppose they will last for years, so if you break it down over this long time period (and potentially several kids worth of play), it is a good investment.

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