Xmas Pre-Orders Coming Soon

Can you believe – Xmas will be here within 17weeks!!!!  Scary isn’ it.  3 pay checks until you have to head out and purchase all those presents.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to spread the cost of thos big Xmas presents????  Well, why don’t you take a look on the Climbing Frames UK website towards the end of this week as we are starting our Xmas pre-orders!!!

By placing only a 10% deposit, you can hold an order of any value to ensure you get the best price.  Then when you are ready to receive delivery*,  just make the final payment and we can start the despatch process of your order.  A courier will be in touch and arrange the actual specifics of your delivery following final payment.

Simple as that.  Whether you have a limited space and budget but are dying to get your little ones something that will bring a massive smile on their face, or you have the space and budget for one of the larger sets, there is something available for everyone.

All sets either come with 2 belt swings which mould to the shape of the bottom, a trapeze or a glider.  Ample space for your child/children and their friends.  With the majority of the sets having a wavy slide, this adds to the excitment of sliding down the slide.  There are rock walls and stepladders which help your child climb to the play deck which within our sets, start at 3 ft high and go to 5 ft depending on the age range you are looking to cater for.  There is a nice mixture of open, semi-enclosed and enclosed play forts, so your little ones can really have their own play space in the garden and options for monkey bars for your little monkeys to swing from.

All in all, climbingframesuk.com have a wide range suited to everyone – come and take a look now and spread the cost of Xmas with us.

* delivery takes up to 14 working days within the Xmas period.


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