Selwood Climbing Frames have been manufactured from cedar (cunninghamia lanceolata) for many years due to the wood’s natural beneficial characteristics. They make it ideal for outdoor play equipment. So why is our premium cedar so good for our DIY wooden climbing frames?

👍Naturally resistant to insect attack
👍Less prone to cracks, splits and splinters
👍Gentle on small hands
👍No chemical treatment with fungicide or pesticide
👍Easy and quick to re-stain
These characteristics make it soft to touch, durable and safe.
DIY home build sets.


We give you a 10 year warranty as standard on our DIY wooden climbing frames. Our warranty covers the original owner for a period of ten years. It starts the day after the day of delivery. The warranty is valid for domestic (private garden) use only. Our products are not intended for commercial use. Our warranty is one of the best available in the UK market. Therefore it ensures that your garden play equipment will last as long as your children need it.

Easier Home-Build

Designed specifically for easy DIY home build. Only a few screws needed to affix each pre-assembled wall or roof panel, saving you time and hassle when it comes to assembling the playset in your garden. All wood is pre-cut to length, pre-stained, and pre-drilled. Therefore you just need to follow the illustrated manual to bolt and screw together with the included hardware. To ensure everything is protected and stays together during delivery our wooden climbing frames come flat packed and sealed in double or triple layered cardboard boxes.

Our manuals are detailed, clear and helpful. Breaking every stage of the climbing frame build down into simple and easy steps. The manual clearly explains the required tools, wood parts and hardware for each step. We then give written steps and a large detailed illustration to guide you along. Online assistance is available. Live chat agents can talk you through each stage, and we also have helpful video build guides to assist you as you build. Our manual also gives information regarding positioning your playset and maintenance suggestions.

What could be easier? DIY build at home wooden climbing frames from Selwood Products – in stock now and available for UK home delivery!

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