Maximising play on your climbing frame couldn’t be easier with our range of fun accessories. From ropes to swings, we have you covered when it comes to climbing frame add ons at a great price. Here is a selection of some of the items available via the accessories range.

Kids Periscope

Our green periscope is made from strong plastic making it durable and long-lasting. Comes complete with all the fittings required to attach the periscope to a wooden frame. Ideal accessory for any wooden climbing frame, tree house, garden fort or den. The toy periscope measures approximately 400mm x 100mm. Also including 2 built in mirrors. Please note that for safety reasons the periscope does NOT magnify. Manufactured and Certified to European Toy Safety Standards the toy garden periscope is suitable for Kids ages 3 and up.

Knotted Climbing Rope

The Selwood Knotted climbing rope is the perfect accessory for children who are looking for an additional challenge for their climbing frame. The knotted climbing rope will provide a challenging climb for your child ensuring that they utilise and exercise their arms, legs, whilst also learning key concepts of control and balance.

The knotted climbing rope features five large knots at key segments in the rope allowing your child to gain a secure grip as they make their journey up the rope. This accessory is great for developing upper body strength.

Knotted rope ladder add on.

Jumbo Binoculars

Non-magnifying toy binoculars to generate some interaction with the play set. Able to pivot all the way around you can spot anyone attempting to get on board the climbing frame from any angle. Green with yellow trim these are a great little addition to any play set.

Swing Accessories – The Glider

The glider has two seats, and children sit back-to-back. Children use the hand and foot holds to power themselves. The glider also has the benefit that it can easily be used by a single child. Because it is mounted from 4 points (with the Selwood exclusive metal bracket), it actually ‘glides’ back and forth, providing a completely different swinging experience for children. This glider package comes with metal glider brackets which are essential for safe use of 2-child glider swings. Manufactured from powder coated steel and specifically designed for use with our single beam swings measuring 4″ x 6″ (76cm x 133cm).

Double the fun with the glider swing!

With so many to choose from what will you add to your climbing frame set up? Don’t forget we also offer stand alone sandpits, additional belt swings, baby seats and trapeze bar swings too!

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