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Swings - Safer Garden Swing Sets

Selwood Products have a unique swing set design, effectively giving two large swing beams joined together to reinforce each other, ensuring a sturdy, safe and fun garden swings.

Double Swing Beam - Safer Swings

Additional Swings For Climbing Frames

Double Swing Beam

We use a double swing beam on our climbing frames. This means that rather than using one single beam, we use two, mounted side by side. The beams are then bolted and screwed together, ensuring that they share the load of any children swinging.

Using two beams means we can also divide the swings between the beams, ensuring they will be sturdy and durable, and should a beam fail, the other beam will support it, ensuring your children below are safe. One swing is mounted to each beam, and the 2-child glider is mounted across both beams. This also ensures that the glider 'glides' back and forth, giving a flatter ride which is ideal for younger children.

Swing Set Design

We use a strong and sturdy triangulated A-Frame to support the swing beams on our swing and slide sets. The support A-Frame is designed and engineered to be as strong and sturdy as possible, which is why we use multiple triangle shapes. The design utilises triangulation to dissipate the swinging forces through the beams, ensuring the swing is stable and durable. There four triangles built into the swing a-frame support, plus we use triangular brackets to mount them to the swing beam.

Swing Hangers

We utilise bolt through swing hangers. This means that the hanging points for the swings are mounted through the middle of the swing beam. This is advantageous because the swing hangers are quick and easy to install, and because the holes are pre-drilled in the swing beam, ensuring that the swing mount points are in the correct places. This makes the swings as safe as possible because they will be spaced correctly so there will be no collisions as children swing.

Quick Change Swings

Our swing hangers are designed to be quick and easy to use. They enable you to swap and change swings over in a matter of seconds. For example, you can swap the swings for a trapeze or baby swing seat.

Swing Safety Testing

Our climbing frames are designed and engineered to maximise benefits of physics, and particularly triangulation. We brace the fort, swings and roof using triangle shapes to ensure forces of children climbing, playing and swinging on the playset are evenly distributed throughout the structure.

We also ensure our components are all safety tested to guarantee the sets are safe and durable. We test our wood to ensure it can withstand multiple children climbing and swinging, and we test our bolts and ropes for load, pressure and torsional strength. Read more about our Safety Testing.