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Children love sand pits because it provides a unique freedoms. The ability to dig, pour and build, plus add water or glitter to change the consistency, look and feel.

In addition, sand pit area's could be filled with balls to provide a ball pit, rather than sand pit. These create an area perfect for sensory play, a place that is safe and free from any sharp unwanted objects that could cause harm.

All products shown below include 'sand play' areas. With the addition of a weed suppressant membrane and some play sand, they could make a fantastic sensory play area for younger children.

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Sandpit Advice

Sandpits specifically need some consideration to remain great play equipment. By looking after the sand, wooden structure and considering where it's placed, taking a little care, you will ensure a safe and enjoyable play area for years to come.

Sandpit Placement

Sun shine is needed for the maximum fun, but as your child will be sitting in one spot playing building it where you will get shade in the hottest hours of the day. This means they are protected from the sun in the best possible way, not being in direct light. Conversely having a sand pit under a tree as branches will direct rain onto the same place, this will affect the sand and wood after a long time.

Drainage, ideally place the sand pit on high ground allowing it to drain naturally after rain, should you not have a cover ready when the inevitable happens.


Sandpit Maintence

Like any wooden product it helps to stain every year. Although this is completely unnecessary with the cedar sandpit. We supply a wood stain that is suitable for use with children's play equipment.

Regular play and correct drainage should keep the sand loose for great play experiences. However, a rake may be required should it develop and more solid lumps. If this happens regularly it's likely a drainage issue which is easiest to fix by haveing the sandpit on high ground. If you have decided to use a plastic sheet remember to make holes in this to allow water to drain away.


  • Rake Regurlarly
  • Keep Covered
  • Proper Drainage

Sandpit Cover

Our sand pits come supplied with a waterproof cover that should be on when not in use. This will also keep animals off the sand so no unpleasant surprises when you go to play in the sand.

Sandpit History

1847 Friedrich Froebel writes a letter to a friend detailing his observation that a child would play happily play for hours merely pouring sand or water from one vessel into one another alternately. This in Germany this was known as a Kindergarten which has known as part of a children's garden. Sandpit or box was in reference to the construction that kept the sand from spilling over to the rest of the garden. Froebel was was passionate about letting children explore the world around them and to provide many contacts with nature. The use of sand play is widely known to originate from Germany in the 1850's where heaps of sand were created in public parks with the intention of encouraging playfulness.Then becoming popular in the USA with Marie Elizabeth Zakrzewska getting inspiration from visiting Berlin in 1886 and had heaps of sand placed in the Children's Misson on Parameter Street in Boston, by 1989 New York and Boston had created 21 sand play areas. Many of these even had paid matrons looking after them.

old sandpit

Development Benefits Of Sandpit Play

Personal social and emotional development. Learn how to work and independently or co-operate taking turns depending on the equipment as part of a group and respect others ideas. They will also creative 3D forms using a range moulds and explore shapes textures that are available to be made in wet and dry and how this affects you can explore sound using shakers of sand or other materials. Physical development, fine motor skill through manipulating toy pouring filling stirring etc. Develop hand-eye coordination with pouring into containers making sand shapes. Finally appreciation of the environment like beaches or building sites

Game Ideas

Change Buckets
Changing the size of toys and size will prompt the idea of weights and measures.
Watering Cans
Yes, let them clean the sandpit themselves by playing with water.
Shoot toy cars and trucks through them in a pretend off road race track.
Let them weigh up buckets and see how much they sand they need.
A Volcano
Give them a chemistry lesson bicarbinate and vinegar has never been this exciting.

Climbing Frames With Sandpits

With a climbing frames with sandpit having sandpits areas included in their forts base. By adding a lining to prevent weeds growing through, and stop sand bedding into and mixing with the soil and create a cover you will combine the best of both pieces of play equipment.