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Climbing Frame Fort Cabin

Play Fort cabin or wooden playhouse in the sky or cubby (for Australians) is a little retreat for children who have been playing outside. The fort can be whatever your child can imagine rocket or pirate ships, towers for climbing and escaping from. Some will have chalk walls, others secret passage ways down to earth (or tube slides).

With crows nests above swing beams to look across all the garden. The beating heart of climbing frames is not swings or slides, but the fort cabin where it all flows from. Games are played and garden hide and seek starts in the fort cabin.

Outdoor Garden Play Equipment

We have been one of the most popular retailers of children's wooden climbing frames in the UK for many years. Due to the value of our products, because we offer the best price and selection of features, backed up by our excellent customer support and industry leading warranty.

What would be a perfect fort cabin for a child, well it needs to have a fantastic lookout so that they can observe the whole garden.. Have a challenging, but achievable climbing feature to reach the fort. Maybe it will have something educational as well.


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Climbing Frames With A Fort Cabin

With climbing frames you get a lot, the cabins give that sense of security and ownership with kids using it as the start of many games. They like the playhouse also like to decorate these areas making them truly their own. With artwork, they create from school or at home and messy play activities that could be happening inside, a scary thought. You will find a climbing frame a much easier prospect to wipe clean after a long day.

Spacious Deck

Your children will need space to be able to enjoy their time in their fort and that is exactly what they get with our fort cabins. They are very spacious which allows plenty of room for the and their friends. It also allows for the multiple accessories that can be added.

Lookout Point

Children love to let their imaginations run wild and our fort cabins are perfect for this. When in the fort they become in charge of the garden. With accessories available to purchase such as ship wheels and the jumbo telescope they can imagine they are the king of the ship!

Chalk Wall

A number of our forts include a chalk wall (excluding Next Generation). This adds a slightly educational aspect to the forts as your children can do drawings or write stories on the chalk wall.

Good Headroom

As children get older they inevitably grow taller, therefore our forts provide them with plenty of headroom. The standard forts highest point offers 1.64m headroom whilst the Next Generation sets offer 1.67m.

Premium Cedar

Climbing frames and cedar are the perfect match. Cedar is soft to the touch and is far less likely to crack or splinter like other woods. This therefore makes it far safer for toddlers. Cedar is also rot & decay resistant.