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climbing frame with rock and manhole cover

Removing Garden Obstacles

Before installing safety surfaces you must clear or avoid obstacles from the garden. By obstacles, we specifically mean rocks, tree stumps manhole covers and anything that could cause a problem to building or falling on whilst playing.

Rocks can be really heavy and hard to move. However, as they are heavy and hard to move landing on them from any great height, from a glider for example could be potentially fatal especially if head first. Metal manhole covers are a similar issue; solid unmovable object that is unsafe for under a climbing frame.

Tree Stumps

These can be stubborn, especially if it's been established for a long time with really deep roots. You may have used a digger to force it out and break the roots. However, you do have several options that can be used for removing stumps that don't need heavy machinery. These can make removing tree stumps simple with less hard labour.

Burning a Stump

Stump burning - destroying and removing stumps with fire involves the least heavy lifting without resorting to chemicals. Setting out kindling with larger logs to maintain a fire with enough intensity for burning the main stump is important.

This will require some fire nurturing (tending to make sure it's hot and consistent). Slow burn charcoal can make life easier as it does exactly what it says. Starting out the fire will dry out the stump, then gradually burn through the roots.

Chemical Stump Remover

Chemical stump remover is used by drilling holes then pouring chemicals down them. This, in turn, softens, making it easier to remove the wood. The chemical concerned and used in most products is potassium nitrate. Nitrogen's key ability is speeding up a decomposition process, therefore it is ideal for the purpose.

Whilst this is an option for those who don't want to deal with the physicality of other methods, it does take some time meaning you can't be in a rush for it to be done.

Grinding the Stump

This method might not be suitable for creating a safe surface, this is because a low-cost grinder will go across the stump. However, it wouldn't go down so leaving a hard flat stump which would not be good for falling on. Instead, look for a grinder that goes down destroying what is beneath the surface. When you see soil coming out you know you're done. This will be an expensive hire, but will be a quicker way for it to be done.

Dig and Pull

If you are not afraid of some hard labour or you have a digger available then this is another option. Either way dig around cutting roots weakening its support and then leaver out the stump. This will be quick with a digger or longer using the sweat off your own brow and strength of your back.

tree stump