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Climbing Frames Picnic Table

Sometimes you simply must serve lunch that outside having a picnic table included for kids is a great way to keep the days entertainment outside. Picnic table gives opportunities to relax whilst kids are playing they can run around while you rest. The climbing frame can be a major feature not only just as a play feature. When you want to keep everything outside on those summer days for food, drink and of course messy play on climbing frames.

You have a choice between integrated or separate picnic tables both have benefits. It's your choice here are some thoughts to consider.

Integrated Picnic Table

Integrated picnic table keeps gardens tidy, keeps play confined to the climbing frame. If you only snack outside and don't need any more garden furniture for your garden after adding an all important climbing frame.

Integrated tables are divided into serving areas and proper picnic tables where children can sit opposite each other eating like grown-ups do. With a serving area, you get stools on one side, it's more suitable for quick snacks and drinks.

Choose between wooden benches or plastic stools. This is really an artistic choice, typically plastic stools are on slightly cheaper frames so lookout for deals when they are available.

climbing frames picnic table

Separate Picnic Table

Having a separate picnic table will make it more accessible for all the family with more seating available. This is ideal if you like eating outside a lot and entertain with BBQ's in the summer. With more seating on you won't have to scramble around for quite as many seats.

These can be placed within a climbing frame (4ft deck and above) so they provide shelter from the sun when needed. These picnic tables are for kids, so they aren't left with dangling legs or sitting on edges both are uncomfortable for them. With tables under the fort keeping garden furniture tidy. You can also have a grown-ups table, look over climbing frame fun without being right on top of them.

picnic table beside climbing frame