Small gardens need not be a place free from wooden climbing frames. Children can still benefit from having a treehouse fort, with slide, rock wall ladder and even monkey bars. It’ll provide ample activity to keep them busy for many years, and will still cost less (and take up less room) than buying an individual playhouse, slide and swings.

We understand that even if parents have limited garden space for play equipment, they still want the best for their children. All our play equipment is easy to build and we include video assisted assembly guides that help you through the build in simple steps. Made from premium cedar, our sets include a 10-year wood warranty.

You can assemble any of our climbing frames as a stand alone play fort. Leave off the swing section during assembly, and you get an amazing playset, ideal for a smaller garden.

Selwood Climbing Frames

Treehouse Forts Without Swings

The images below show how these climbing frames would look if they were assembled without the swing section. Due to the way our sets are boxed, the swings are included as standard. However, if you still want a fantastic garden fort for your kids then they can be assembled without affixing the swings.

Small Climbing Frames for Younger Children

Younger children are normally smaller, and therefore require a smaller climbing frame. Whilst this may appear obvious, we strongly advise you consider how quickly your child will grow. Some companies offer items such as “Junior Playsets” which are ideal for children aged 18 months, because the have a very low play deck and very short slides, but they are soon outgrown, can be left unused after a matter of months. Our products are different, you will find one of our climbing frames is an investment in their childhood. With a 10 year warranty, a 1.2m high play deck and a 2.4m long slide, it’ll last them many years.

Small Climbing Frames for Older Children

Older children love climbing, sliding and swinging too, so why not invest in some fun a creative play for them? We offer a great range of garden play equipment with slides, rockwalls, and monkey bars suitable for older children. Our wooden climbing frames offer a perfect combination of ‘size vs value’ for all families, so it’s still worth considering one of these if you have slightly older children. Whatever their age, children love to swing, so even if you purchase a smaller climbing frame with swings, your older children will still be able to play with their siblings.

Small Climbing Frame Durability & Safety

Our climbing frames all come with a 10 year wood warranty. This is the same warranty we offer across the full range. We do not reduce our warranty for smaller or cheaper playsets. Made of cedar wood, our small climbing frames come with a factory applied water based stain and will last many years without any additional treatment. However, we suggest you apply a water based stain every 2-3 years to ensure it stays looking great, and is protected from wind, rain and sun. This ensures your garden playset will last as long as possible, and mean it’s protected even with your children playing come rain or shine! We strongly recommend using a stain that is friendly to children/pets/plants, such as our Selwood Wood Stain & Protector.

Our children’s climbing frames are specifically designed to ensure they are entertaining and safe, and are manufactured to meet both EN-71 and ASTM safety standards. This ensures they’re suitable for children aged from 3-12, and our excellent range of play features ensures they’ll be challenged and entertained whatever their age. From our fun slides, to our monkey bars, our play equipment for small gardens will ensure you’re the most popular parents on the street.

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