Climbing Frames

Our range of children's wooden climbing frames are designed for your children in your back garden. Our play equipment has a selection of popular features such as swings, slides, monkey bars, climbing walls, and integrated playhouses. Suitable for children aged 3-12yrs of all abilities, and specifically manufactured to make DIY home-build as easy as possible.

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Selwood Climbing Frames

Selwood Climbing Frames are part our garden play equipment range and ensured to provide fun, entertainment and enjoyment for children of all ages, regardless of garden size. They are and manufactured to the highest safety standards and component specification to ensure they last .

Swing And Slide Features

Our climbing frames provide the most fun possible, with a huge selection of swing and slide features. Swings as standard come with belt swings that wrap around the users giving a comfortable place to swing. More common is the selwood glider and two belt swings that gives opportunity for four children to play simultaneously. Slides coming from the play fort are usually straight, however tube slides have become ever more popular.

Safety Features

Selwood Climbing Frames have been designed with safety in mind. Our play equipment is sold throughout the world, so we design and test our products to conform to multiple safety standards. This ensures that you and your children can be assured that all the component parts of our playsets are manufactured to ensure they're safe for use in outdoor garden play equipment.


Selwood climbing frames are not only safe and fun, but we also pride ourselves on the durability. When testing our components we don't only test for strength, we also test for resistance to UV light, so you set will last as long as possible, providing excellent value for money. In addition to this, we also use premium components, such as zinc coated screws, quality wood and thick vinyl and plastics.

Wooden Climbing Frames

A wooden climbing frame is fun for your children, plus it’s natural so looks great in your garden. Our wood is fantastic too, called cunninghamia lanceolata, it’s a close relative to the cedar family of trees. This gives it some amazing qualities, making it perfect for use in children’s outdoor play equipment. These benefits include:

Durable: Resistant to Insects, Rot & Decay
Safe: Light & Strong
Soft: Minimal Cracks & Splinters

These three benefits make our cedar climbing frames ideal for families looking for a garden climbing frame. The wood is strong, safe and durable, meaning it’ll provide many years of safe and fun playing for all your family.

DIY Climbing Frames

Our climbing frames are designed and manufactured to make DIY climbing frame home build as easy as possible. All you'll need is basic DIY tools, and we'll provide the rest, including all the wood, hardware, slides and accessories all sealed in a strong cardboard box. Pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-stained, we've tried to make your life as easy as possible. We even include a comprehensive illustrated manual which will talk you through the build in simple easy steps.

Climbing Frame Accessories

Our climbing frame accessories included, depends on the set you choose. Our climbing frame accessories include children's baby swings, 2-child glider swings, novelty accessories such as binoculars, telescopes and steering wheels. We also offer a range of replacement parts including ground stakes, rock wall rocks, slides, monkey bars and swings.

Remeber, we love to hear from you, so why not drop by our Google+ page to share your thoughts and comments.

Climbing Frame Delivery

Selwood Climbing Frames work with a selection of couriers to ensure we can get your play equipment delivered to your home as quickly and safely as possibly. Due to the range of size and weight in our products we have to use numerous different couriers to ensure we can offer the best service for you, our customers. Many of our products are large and heavy so only a select number of specialist couriers are able to deliver them. This therefore means that delivery can be very costly due to the additional handling required to get them to you. We try to ensure delivery costs are kept as low as possible, whilst also ensuring we deliver to you as quickly as much as possible so you can build and use the playset!

check delivery prices

Free Home Delivery

Free home delivery refers to a one man kurbside delivery. This is applicable to mainland UK excluding off shore and highlands. For these areas we have a delivery price checker on every product page. This is located just under the "add to cart" button, and is provided you you can check the delivery price of that item to your postcode, county or country. Prices can vary from product to product due to packaging size and weight differences. If you fee that a delivery price is incorrect, please contact us and we'll ensure we check for you

order confirmation

Order Confirmation

Once you have completed your order we'll send you an order confirmation email. This will have all your order details, including your address and contact details, plus the product(s) and prices paid. If there are any problems with your order confirmation please contact us as soon as possible as these are the details used by our courier company to contact and deliver to you.

delivery communication


There will normally be three points of communication from the point you place your order. Firstly, as mentioned above, you will receive an order confirmation email from us which will confirm your order has been successful. Secondly, for mainland UK deliveries you will get a call from our courier within 48 working hours (excluding Sat, Sun and Bank Holidays) to book a delivery day. We deliver most areas of the UK twice a week, on a postcode schedule. If you are located offshore then your order will be dispatched and you will be contacted by your local delivery depot to confirm the stock is ready and arrange a convenient day for delivery. Lastly, our delivery drivers try to call you on the day of delivery to confirm they are on their way. On the rare occasion this doesn't happen you will hear from the delivery driver when he arrives to deliver your climbing frame.

delivery dispatch


Once you have completed and paid for your order in full a picking/dispatch request will be sent to our warehouse. Once the warehouse has contacted you (excluding offshore) the warehouse will pick and pack your order, load it onto the delivery truck ready to come to you. The products are pre-packaged in double or triple layer cardboard, glued and stapled at the ends. The boxes are also wrapped with two nylon bands to help secure the wood within the boxes. The majority orders for UK and Europe are dispatched from our main distribution centre in the UK.

delivery time

Delivery Time

Following a completed mainland UK order (including full payment) you're normally contacted by our couriers to book delivery within 48 working hours (excluding Sat, Sun and Bank Holidays). They will book a convenient delivery day when they contact you, which is normally 3-5 days later. On occasion, during peak periods this can be up to 14-21 days later. If you are unsure or require an item quickly we advise contacting us so we can check for you. Offshore orders are normally dispatched within 2-3 days, and are delivered throughout Europe within 14-21 days.

home delivery

Home Delivery

Our climbing frames are normally delivered on a 12 tonne lorries, so if you have access restrictions please inform our couriers when they contact you to book the delivery day. The climbing frames can measure up to 2.5m in length. Most climbing frames packages are about 30-50cm wide and vary in height. They are surprisingly small given how big your finished climbing frame will be, but remember the weight of the boxes varies from 20kg to 100kg. When the driver(s) arrive they will offload the products for you and offer the POD for you to sign. Please Note: Whilst we make every effort to package our items as securely as possible, due to the weight of the wood the outer cardboard can arrive scuffed and occasionally ripped. This is not a problem as it is only there to protect the wood inside.

delivery tracking


If you've not heard from us, or our couriers, and you require and update on the delivery progress please login to your customer account or email for a delivery update.

Climbing Frame & Playset Installation

spanner and screwdriver

Most of our products take 1-2 days to construct for an average DIY person with access basic DIY tools (such as electric screwdriver, hammer, sprirt level). We appreciate that having children can cause distraction from DIY tasks, but most people are comfortably able to install their own climbing frame over a weekend. View our climbing frame gallery for installs our customers have completed recently 

Home-Build DIY Climbing Frames

Selwood provide a range of outdoor toy products which are specifically designed for home-build and come pre-packaged and flat-packed with all wood, hardware and accessories included. However, we understand that not all people have the time or tools to build the set and would prefer a professional to do it instead. Due to this we work with a number of installers and installation companies to provide installation services for the most popular areas of the UK.

Do you need installation?

We understand that not all people have the time or tools to build the set and would prefer a professional to do it instead. Read more about installation services and contact your local installer(s) from our page about climbing frame installation.

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Selwood Team Information

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

A: This is a common question. Not all people are experts in wooden playsets, and most only realise the range of sizes and prices when they start looking for their children. Our frames are designed and manufactured with home build in mind, with a complete set including all wood and hardware. Our customer services team are able to help and advise should you become stuck.
A: Our home build play sets are made from Cedar. These is a strong wood that is resistant to decay and rot. Our wood is pre-treated with a water-based stain that is both environmentally safe and child-friendly. Our swing sets are constructed from Pine, this wood is pressure treated to ensure it is protected from the elements and long lasting. For full information on the construction of each set please refer to our product pages.
A: Yes. All our products come with all the wood and hardware you need to build the product. All you need is the tools and a little bit of time.
A: The ages range from 3-10 years old.
A: Our playsets are all shown on our website including a product description, specification, dimensions and a selection of pictures. We have also included customer reviews and feedback, and a range of available accessories for each featured set. We do not publish a catalogue at this time for the range of home-build sets.

Accessories and Options

A: Our range of accessories can fit most manufacturer’s play sets, although we would advise checking dimensions. We will not supply our modular play system accessories to fit other manufacturers systems.
A: With our boxed sets in many cases the positions at which you install the slides and ladders are interchangeable, but not always. If you would like to do this then please refer to the product description or contact our customer services team. Backyard Adventures sets are fully modular, so there is no problem re-arranging the layout to suit.
A: We do not recommend changing the way in which the playsets major components are assembled. This includes attachment of swing beams and monkey bars. Any modifications such as these are at your own risk and may adversely affect the warranty provided.
A: Yes. We have a large selection of swing accessories including baby swings, upgraded belt swings or even a disk swing or tyre swings for your play set.

Returns and Refunds

A: We allow you to return your purchase within 30 days of receipt as long as you follow the instructions and agree to the Terms and Conditions document.
A: Yes. We charge a restocking fee. This is because playsets are heavy, large, and cost a lot to ship back and forth. We want you to be satisfied, but we do not want you to purchase without being absolutely sure this is what you want. For full details of our returns charges please see our terms and conditions.
A: Please read our returns policy contained within our terms and conditions for full information. It explains very important purchasing, shipping, and return policy information to which you must agree before we can ship your playset.
A: We will not accept returns without the original packaging. All returned products must be disassembled and packed as new, a condition fit for re-sale. If this is not the case then the returned item will be refused or you will be charged in line with our terms and conditions.
A: Call our Customer Service number and ask for an RMA number. We will not accept any returns without a RMA number.

Delivery Questions

A: For our home build play sets you will normally receive delivery between 3 and 14 days. However, delivery time will vary depending upon your location and selected delivery options. Modular play systems are normally delivered and installed within 21 days, however this will depend upon your location and chosen day of install. If you selected a factory order item delivery will be longer, but you will be informed of this at time of purchase.

Accessories and smaller products that ship via package or parcel service will normally arrive within 3 days of order. Sometimes accessories ordered with a playset will be delivered separately; this depends on the warehouse your items are dispatched from.
A: After placing your order you will be contacted prior to delivery by our shipping department. You will be provided with very detailed and clear shipping information. We aim to deliver all products within 14 days of order unless we have advertised that stock is not available. Rest assured our website is linked to our warehouse stock control so when we are out of stock this will be displayed on the website. At the point of order we provide detailed shipping information.
A: No, obviously our inventory levels vary and lines are superseded and updated. We do not display inventory levels on our website but if a "Buy Online" button is visible, the items is in stock and you can buy the product from our site.
A: It depends on the playset or product, but most playset boxes are big and heavy. They are as long as the longest pieces of wood in the set, which is normally the slide, swing beam and uprights (legs). Most play sets are at least 2m long and 50cm wide. Sandboxes, playhouses and accessories are in smaller boxes but vary subject to their dimensions.
A: Probably not. This is because climbing frames, swing sets and accessories often ship from different warehouses. We try to ensure they arrive within a day or two of each other.

Assembly Questions

A: Sand, mulch, rubber bark, and other soft materials are great for the playground surfacing under the playset area. However, the playset should NOT rest on these materials. You should make sure the ground is level and solid, if necessary use paving stones or other solid materials as the footers for the playset. You must also secure the set with stakes provided. Once the playset is securely resting on these solid footings, then you can surround it with your favorite soft material.
A: We recommend approximately 1.8m (6ft) perimeter around the set. We suggest positioning the set to ensure there's plenty of room for children to access and use the swing, slide and climbing features.
A: No, we would always suggest leaving a safety area around your set. This ensures there's enough space to move around the set, and to provide a safe area to fall should children have an accident when climbing, sliding or jumping on or around the playset.
A: We STRONGLY recommend taking out all the parts and laying them on the ground or garage floor before you assemble anything. Match the parts with the parts list in the manual and mark them. This will also help you identify any parts that might be missing. Once everything is laid out, then begin assembling step by step from the manual.
A: We can recommend a specialist playset installation company, so if you are pushed for time or don’t feel up to the build then please click for further information on national installation services.

About Us

A: We are based in the UK, although our company trades worldwide, from the UK, through Europe to Australia.
A: Yes. Environmental preservation is very important to us. First, we ensure all our manufacturers participate in Sustainable Forest programs (FSC or SFI) which mean that several saplings are planted for each single tree removed to make our sets. Also, we use a water-based treatment on our wood as we prepare it for boxing. The treatment looks great, it is environment-friendly, and is non-toxic.
A: Selwood was formed shortly after the millennium through the personal pursuit for a good quality, good value play system. Although the UK market was full of products, they were by and large made from poor materials and were too expensive. The ongoing mission of the company is to provide other parents with the ability to purchase the best quality playsets at the lowest prices. For more information About Us please click here.
A: We will occasionally run pre-order special offers on selected products for a short period of time. These offers provide huge savings over normal retail prices but are strictly for a limited number of items. We take a 10% non-refundable deposit on order and 90% settlement prior to booking and dispatching the item for delivery.


A: Yes. We work with both Thawte and Security Metrics to ensure our website and shopping cart are safe and secure for you to use. For more information on our secure shopping policy please click here.
A: This button means you can purchase the playset right there on our website. If the button says ‘out of stock’ we are currently out of this item but stock should be arriving shortly. If the button displays ‘discontinued line’ the items are out of stock and will not be replaced. We may display items as ‘pre order’ this means that stock is arriving shortly and you are likely to pick up a fantastic pre-order deal.
A: You do not need to apply for or set up an account. When you make a purchase our system will store your information for you to enable you to view your order details and invoice.
A: Selwood will not be beaten on price. We don't believe that you will ever find our products cheaper elsewhere. If you do please let us know and we'll do our best to match or beat the price to save you even more money. We will not match prices on auction sites.
A:You can pay for your shopping in a number of ways, whether it is on-line or over the telephone. In addition to Paypal and Google Checkout we accept Mastercard, Visa, Switch, Solo, Delta or Maestro. We can also accept cheque, or Bank Transfer, but these can cause delivery delays whilst payment clears.
A: When you place your order on-line you will receive an immediate email confirmation containing your order details and invoice confirmation. You will then be contacted by our shipping dept who will arrange delivery with you.
A: We make every effort to keep our inventory in stock at all times. However, on occasion, our stock levels do run down and we will communicate this to you. If you happen to make an order on stock that is not currently unavailable, we will endeavour to find a suitable replacement at your approval. If this is not possible, we will reimburse your payment in full.
A: There are numerous outdoor toy manufacturers and brands. We sell our own outstanding value products alongside those of the world's biggest manufacturers to provide you with a direct comparison.
A: No. our products are pre-packaged and are boxed and sealed in our warehouse ready for dispatch to you.
A: This is an exceedingly important question. We display the product sizes and often show footprint images of our sets so you can determine the length, width and height to ensure your desired products will fit in your garden. We would also always advise to leave a safety area around your playset of approximately 1.8m (6ft) to allow for movement around the set and help minimise injuries should children fall from the set.


A: People often say that you get what you pay for, which in a large amount of cases is true, but there are always exceptions to the rule. We import directly from the world's largest playset manufacturers, not importers and not distributors, we import directly. This means that we sell to you, the customer, at the price many wholesalers sell to people that also sell to you. This means that you effectively save between 10-30%, the margin that would normally be added to such items.
A: The majority of products on our website have delivery subsidised, but most items will incur an additional charge depending on which delivery service you choose. We charge a sensible and reasonable delivery price for each product given many items are in excess of 2m long and over 50kg. Delivery varies by product and postcode location so the best way to check your price is to use the delivery price checker, or to proceed through the first stages of the checkout process. Our customer services team will be happy to help should you have any questions or problems.
A: We can deliver to Ireland, or any other country in Europe. Simply go to our home page and select your country from the drop down list at the top right. This will refresh the screen to display current stock, pricing and language options. Pricing will be displayed relative to your country’s local currency.


A: A playset is a large wooden structure that requires maintenance. There are many customers whose playsets last for years as a result of simple steps taken to ensure the wood's longevity. The wood on your playset comes with a thin coat of stain that provides uniform colouration. Stain does not protect wood, however. Most customers have the best results when they sand and stain their wood then seal it with an oil-based sealant. In order to maintain your warranty you must maintain the wood and inspect it monthly. Remember, stain is for colour and sealant is for protection. Your play set should be re-stained annually.
A: We suggest you treat the wood once each year. Not only will this keep it looking nice but will also help it last as long as possible.
A: We used a water-based treatment when we made the products. You can use a water-based or oil-based stain at your discretion. However, once you switch to oil you will not be able to return to water-based from that point forward. Your local home improvement, hardware or DIY store will have plenty of options and suggestions for you.
A: We suggest you check bolt tightness and all hardware periodically to ensure everything is in proper order.
A: Bracing elements break when the playset becomes un-level. As a playset settles, its centre of balance can sometimes shift placing an undue amount of tension on a single area. When a bracing element cracks, it's time to check the set monthly for levelness. Take a level and ensure that all areas of your playset that are supposed to be level are level. If the ground is not level, dig out the high ground with a shovel. Make sure all of your hardware is loosened and then re-tightened uniformly afterward to accommodate the leveling changes made. Test it out with swinging and let us know if you need any further help.
A: As a playset settles, its centre of balance can sometimes shift placing an undue amount of tension on a single area. If swaying occurs then it's time to check the set for levelness. Take a level and ensure that all areas of your playset that are supposed to be level are level. If the ground is not level, dig out the high ground with a shovel. Make sure all of your hardware is loosened and then re-tightened uniformly afterward to accommodate the leveling changes made. Test it out with swinging and make corrections as necessary.
A: Using a level, check the fort horizontally from the bottom of the playset to the top. Start by verifying that the baseboards are level. If you have high ground, dig it out. Move higher now, checking every tier for levelness. When checking the floor, ensure that the centre of the floor is as level as the outside edges and the four corners. Check to ensure that tarp assembly is level. Check the swing beam/monkey bar brace, the rungs on the deck ladder, and the rungs on the rock wall. Check to see that the rock-wall brackets are level. Check to see that the fort angle brace brackets are level with each other.

Once you've checked the horizontal levelness, it's time to check it vertically. Check all uprights, wall slats, tarp uprights, deck ladder rails, rock-wall rails, and verify that they are straight. Once the fort is horizontally and vertically level, tighten the hardware to ensure it stays that way.

For the monkey bars/swing beam portion:

Check to see that the ground beam is level. If it is not, dig out the high ground. Check that the two green plastic angle brace brackets are even with each other. Check the rungs and beams of the monkey bars for levelness. On occasion, the monkey bar or swing beam will lean into the fort causing the assembly to become un-level. Once it is level, tighten your hardware down uniformly and make sure it is staked to the ground.
A: If you just got your playset and there are missing parts, please visit h and complete the parts request form. We'll normally dispatch the replacements to you within a couple of days.

If you have an older playset then you can often purchase parts from us, but you need to know the name of the set and ideally the year you bought it so we can ensure the bits we send will fit your model.
A: The most important thing you can do to keep your playset from moving around is to ensure it remains on a very solid base. If using a soft material such as mulch or sand and the set can actually make undercuts in the material which opens up the chance for movement, ensure you lay this after assembling the set. If necessary, install some paving stones and set the playset on them, then anchor it for maximum stability.

Warranty and Parts

A: If you find that a part is missing or parts are broken, please please visit and complete the parts request form. We'll normally dispatch the replacements to you within a couple of days.
A: The warranties vary by playset. Each playset details page shows the warranty link for that product. You can open the warranty document and read about it for that set.
A: In many cases we still have parts for older playsets. Please contact us with your information and what you need. We'll get back to you with part availability and pricing information.
A: Yes. Wood is a natural product and will check, crack or warp in different climatic conditions. Wood absorbs and looses moisture during different times of year, the surface checks or cracks appear as moisture leaves or is absorbed by different parts of the wood at different rates. It does not affect the strength or structural integrity of the wood. Cedar is naturally resistant to decay and rot.