Yes, all of our wooden climbing frame sets come with ground anchors as standard. And no additional costs are levied. Selwood climbing frames are designed with children’s safety in mind. The design also allows that they can be moved, or dismantled. Therefore even taken to a new home if needed. The anchors are found within the packaging and hardware that comes with all climbing frames.

Metal ground stake anchors.

Why do climbing frames need anchors?

All of the climbing frames by Selwood are made from cedar wood. Cedar is a durable wood. It is rot resistant because it contains natural preservatives preventing fungal growth. Cedar is also resistant to warping and twisting. As a result, the wood is strong enough to pass European & International safety tests. These include EN-71 & ASTM safety standards for children’s outdoor play equipment. Therefore it means the climbing frames are heavy solid structures. This weight will ensure the frame finds a foothold in the ground (soil) below.

The sets do not require any concrete for stability. Selwood climbing frames are secured using metal ground anchors. They are designed to be built straight on to grass. Ground anchors provide essential stability and support. Therefore when children are swinging high and climbing together, the frame is stable and securely fixed in position.

Securing the ground anchors

The anchors easily attach to the bottom of the frame in strategic places. They stick into the ground at a depth of approxiamtely 35cm. The Next Generation range of climbing frames come with 40cm metal anchors. These are placed around the base line of the set and attached to the wood. Therefore firmly holding it in place. The step by step manual that comes with the frame will pinpoint exactly where the anchors should go.  The design of the anchors makes them easily inserted into the ground, as well as easily removable.

The manual will illustrate the anchoring points and detail installation.

All ground anchor stakes must be maintained properly along with the play set. Check throughout the year for any looseness, damage or deterioration. After heavy weather like strong winds and rain, it’s vital the stakes are checked as well. Check the tension and adjust as needed. Therefore ensuring they are still firmly anchoring the unit to the ground. As a result, correct installation and maintenance will ensure safe play as well as longevity of the play set.

The dedicated customer service team are on hand to assist customers during installation. Live chat or email is open via the website. There is also a helpful video assisted build guide online. All manuals are online as pdf documents. The manual will help you identify the correct parts of wood. There is also a handy ‘life size’ hardware chart to check the correct length of screws or bolts at each stage.

Our climbing frames are in-stock in our Warwickshire warehouse. Order now for home delivery within 5-10 working days! Click and collect option also available.

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