The Hero is part of the Selwood Next Generation series and has been designed specifically for easy home DIY build. Therefore just a few screws are needed to affix each pre-assembled wall or roof panel. Ultimately saving you time and hassle when it comes to assembling the playset in your garden.

“This playset is unbelievable in all the fun it offers for the kids. The construction phase takes some time. But once up the kids have loved every moment on it. I couldn’t recommend it enough for its stability and safety and fun factor!”

All wooden components have been pre-cut, pre-stained and pre-drilled. Therefore the task of building is much simpler. A detailed instruction manual accompanies the playset, complimented perfectly by a series of installation videos online. Helping you to breeze through the building process. To ensure everything is protected and stays together during delivery Selwood wooden climbing frames come flat packed. Also they are sealed in double or triple layered cardboard boxes.

What makes the Hero special?

Firstly, two belts swings and a trapeze bar complete the 1.8m swing beam. Swings are quick and easy to fit with correct spacing because we have pre-drilled mounting points.  Secondly, two open slides mean no more aguments about who goes first! Manufactured exclusive to us via our factory in Canada, these slides are UV protected and made from a strong HPDE plastic that provides great strength and stability. Lastly, the climbing rockwall with plastic moulded climbing rocks really stands out for daring adventurous climbers. Or alternatively, users can ascend the wooden ladder rungs for a more traditional climb. Manufactured from premium cedar, the frames are built to last. Cedar is naturally resistant to rot and insect infestation, plus it is strong and durable.

The Hero features a spacious lower playhouse area which measures approximately 165.7cm by 109cm. The playhouse is fully enclosed apart from one walkway entrance that features on the right hand slide. The upper fort level is 1.2 metres from ground level. The maximum head height of the upper deck is 165cm. Plenty of room to play and have fun!

Finishing touches are what make Selwood climbing frames stand out. The playsets include window frames, a roof sunburst and a cafe counter sun shade. Included with the set are the robertson safety screws, the 10 year wood warranty and pdf downloadable manual. Our manual also gives information regarding positioning your playset and maintenance suggestions. We’ve taken the time to ensure you get the most complete garden play equipment possible, with as little fuss as possible.

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