“The tube slide is more fun for the kids than the regular slide, stays dry even after heavy rainfall”

 “The trapeze bar is perfect for learning acrobatic tricks”

“He loves the rock climbing wall. He’s constantly climbing up”.

Just some of the genuine review from our customers about our products. There are so many play features to love on our wooden climbing frames. Children love the variety as they play; climbing, swinging, sliding and learning new skills whilst building confidence. Let’s take a look at some of those features that our reviews above mention…

Tube Slide Fun!

Tube Slide

As the leading tube slide playset manufacturer in the UK right now, Climbing Frames UK has a great selection of frames with this fun, safe and exciting add on. Exclusive to us, our slides are manufactured in our Canadian factory from UV protected HPDE plastic, it provides great strength and stability.

The long and twisty tube slide exits from the left hand side of the upper deck. This fabulous play feature is located just over 1.2 metres (4ft) from ground level, the slide features a fully enclosed construction. Therefore this connects securely to the side of the fort without any gap. The tube slide also features two wooden supports that secure the position of the tube side at key areas to ensure maximum strength and stability whilst in use. Another important safety feature is the slides exit gradient at the base. Because this has been reduced, it will provide a safe exit speed for your child at the end of their journey.

Upside down acrobatics!

Trapeze Bar

On the swing beam are three accessories in the form of two belt swings and a trapeze bar. The swings and trapeze bar all fix to our strong swing beam (13cm x 7.5cm) utilising heavy duty swing hangers. The green trapeze bar play feature will provide endless hours of fun for children in the garden. The plastic handles have been carefully moulded to provide a comfortable hand grip for children’s hands. A strong metal bar supports the two hand grips and ensures these are kept apart. Two strong white ropes provide a secure link between the trapeze bar and the swing beam, whilst two metal rings help it to attach to the swing beam.

Safe yet fun – the Rockwall Ladder.

Rockwall play feature

Featuring green and yellow coloured rocks, the rockwall provides the perfect test for more advanced climbers. If your child doesn’t feel confident enough to use the rockwall mounts yet then there is still the option to use the standard ladder steps until they feel more confident to advance to climbing with the rock wall hand grips.

Just some of our amazing play features on our huge range of wooden climbing frames.

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