The Rede climbing frame is a popular model. Featuring a tube side and open slide plus a fully equipped lower play house. Therefore it guarantees hours of fun. Constructed from durable premium cedar wood, and complete with a 10 year wood warranty.

Ideal to install straight onto grass.

What do you get with the Rede?

Two belt swings and a trapeze bar fix to the strong swing beam (13cm x 7.5cm) by heavy duty swing hangers. Because they have pre-drilled mounting points, the swings are quick and easy to fit with correct spacing. The swing beam is constructed using discreet extra strong metal clamps. Mounted on the side of the fort is the tube slide. The second slide is the straight wavy slide. It exits from the front of the playset.

The rockwall is combined with a slatted ladder. Plus it is mounted at a 70° angle, making it fun and safe to climb. The 5 fun climbing rocks are mounted with two recessed screws to prevent spinning.

Firstly, the Rede features a spacious lower playhouse area which measures approximately 165.7cm by 109cm. Secondly, the sides of the playhouse are enclosed. There is an entrance to the front left side. Thirdly, inside the playhouse there is a kitchenette feature which comes complete with its own play hob, sink, taps and cooking accessories. Lastly, there is a chalkboard, sun shade and café counter at the rear of the playhouse. Therefore the ideal location for imaginary games of shop or cafés with the menu written up on the chalkboard.

And up above?

The upper play deck of the Rede is safe and secure. It has two space openings, one at the front for the straight wavy slide and one at the rear for the rockwall ladder. The tube slide exits from the left hand side of the fort. Numerous fixings securely fasten the slide to the fort.

The upper deck area measures approximately 165.7cm by 109cm. Therefore providing a large play area, ideal for high rise picnics, imaginary games or for admiring the view. Green plastic frames and protective mesh fabric fill the window spaces. The maximum head room in the upper deck is 165cm.

Kitchenette play area.

Selwood Products take the time to provide the most comprehensive garden play equipment possible, with as little fuss as possible. All manuals are online. Helpful build videos are also online.

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