What type of wood do you use?

Our products are manufactured using a product called ‘premium cedar’. It’s latin name is ‘Cunninghamia Lanceolata’. 

Our cedar is actually a species of tree in the cypress family, Cupressaceae. The same species as ‘Western Red Cedar’, which is possibly the best know cedar of all. Interestingly neither of these species are directly a true cedar of the genus ‘Cedrus’. 

The wood is light, fragrant, and durable. The wood is also strongly resistant to rot, is resistant to termites, and is easily worked. It is ideal for garden play equipment. It is also used for constructing buildings, bridges, ships, and furniture. 

Due to the natural characteristics of our wood, there is no need for harsh chemical treatments (as are needed with cheaper lumber such as spruce, pine or fir). We apply a water based stain at the factory to make the wood like nice and give it some additional weathering and UV protection.

What is the suitable age range?

Our products as designed for children from 3+. We safety test everything to ensure it can hold up to at least 50kg.

What’s included with your sets?

Our products include everything you need. This includes all lumber, hardware and accessories. We even include ground anchors and a detailed instruction manual.

What surface should I use under my climbing frame?

Most customers assemble their sets directly onto their lawn. This is how our play equipment is designed and intended to be used. Some people add a play surface such as play bark because they believe it’ll enable their kids to play more of the year.

Do you offer an assembly service?

We do not offer a home installation service because our sets are designed and engineered to make home assembly as simple as possible for our customers.
– Flat packed & boxed to minimise damaged/lost parts
– Ready to Assemble: Pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-stained timber
– Rounded edges to reduce risk of injuries
– Illustrated step-by-step manual & Video Assembly Guides
If it is not something you wanted to do then a handy man in your area would be able to assist.

Where can I find my assembly manual?

We make our assembly manuals available on every product page on our website. Please view the PDF manual link on each product page. You are free to access, download or print the files whenever you desire. We also accompany our manuals with a range of high quality video assembly guides to ensure the installation is as easy as possible for you.