Wooden Gazebos & Pergolas

Extend your living space outdoors with one of our 100% premium cedar gazebos with low maintenance aluminium roof. Our wooden gazebo and pavilion both perfect low maintenance additions to any garden space. This could be the final final touch to your patio design, cover for hot tub or complete your poolside deck.

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Why Buy a Yardistry Gazebo or Pergola from Us?

There is no outdoor space that our garden rooms won’t compliment. One of the biggest considerations when purchasing an outdoor product is the choice of material. Featuring an aluminium roof and 100% premium Cedar (Cunninghamia Lanceolata) Lumber, we only use quality materials that will last. The illustrated step-by-step instruction manual and helpful hints installation video will guide you through every step of the assembly process.


  • Built using 100% Cedar Lumber
  • Aluminium roof provides shade and protection from the elements
  • Finished in a natural cedar stain
  • Illustrated Step-by-step assembly manual
  • Video assembly guides

With its natural beauty and outstanding physical properties, Cedar Lumber is the preferred choice for outdoor projects and considered a premium material. The ability of Cedar to bring warmth and character to a backyard project just can’t be matched by plastic or other man-made materials.

A Positive Investment For Both Home & Lifestyle

The naturally occurring oils within Cedar act as natural preservatives that help it resist decay and repel insect attack. We have also applied a water based stain at our factory, which has been formulated with ingredients that are safe for the environment.

Our cedar is kiln dried. This makes it more structurally stable so is resistant to bending and warping. This process ensures the lumber in your gazebo will stay straight over time.