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We have a the best range of children's cedar climbing frames  in the UK. Including all-in-one garden play equipment with swings, slides, monkey bars and integrated playhouses.
We also offer forts and treehouses for those with smaller gardens.

Sun Bistro


Swings  •  Slide  •  Kitchen

Width 3.302m x Depth 2.743m
(Height 2.46m)

Sandy Cove


Glider Swing  •  Monkey Bar 

Width 3.96m x Depth 3.86m
(Height 2.69m)



2-Slides.  •  Playhouse  •  Trapeze

Width 5.08m x Depth 4.17m
(Height 2.86m)

Skyline Deluxe


2-Slides  •  Swings  •  Mega Fort

Width 5.5m x Depth 4.8m
(Height 3.23m)

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