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Selwood products design and manufacture climbing frames to make a home DIY build as easy as possible. Each play set comes flat packed with pre cut, drilled, treated and coded wood. Fully illustrated step by step instruction manuals and video guides also come included.

Selwood’s new range of next generation climbing frames are designed to contain 40% less parts.

This pinpoints a more panelised and strong rigid construction.

To build a climbing frame all you need are the basic tools. Before beginning construction we advise you check over the whole set to ensure you have all the parts and hardware required to complete the build.

A fully illustrated parts id list is supplied for each set which enables you too tick off each item.

Preparing the space your frame will be sited is also vital. For safety the area should also be level, this reduces the risk of swings getting close to each other when in use.

Grass is a perfect surface for play sets as it provides adequate cushioning for falls from our play sets. Bonded rubber or artificial grass needs laying before building begins.



Tools For the Build

Within your instruction manual a dedicated page highlights what tools are required for the build. Along with this we provide a Robertson driver drill bit in the hardware bag of all sets. This is used for all wood screws.

The Robertson screw and driver design allows the screw to be placed snugly on the tip of the screwdriver making it possible to apply with one hand. Below is an image of the key tools that will be required.

A cordless drill is a must have when it comes to installation. Selwood have their very own drill kit designed specifically for climbing frame installation. This comes with all attachments necessary. Multiple drills for each installer will charged batteries will help speed up the process.