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We know that our climbing frames look amazing and provide a lot of entertainment for your little ones. But we also know that the kids always want more! That’s why accessories are always a favourite with parents – anything to keep their little ones occupied for a little longer! There are so many different accessories, available to purchase that will complement your climbing frame perfectly. All are made of high quality materials, in bright colours and best of all, any required hardware comes included!

But what is the benefit of getting extra accessories for our climbing frame? Should I buy them at the same time or should I invest in new accessories later?

Climbing frame accessories

Our website currently offers a wide range of accessories, compatible with most of our ranges and that will add a spin to any playset. But our climbing frames are pretty full with play features, swings, trapezes, slides, rockwalls… But children are always looking for new ways to have fun and investing in new toys can be very expensive so getting an extra feature for your climbing might be the best option.

Choosing the best accessory

As it might happen with our climbing frames, when it comes to accessories we have a huge range and it might be hard to select the best one for your children. Are they imaginative? Do they like to roleplay or are they more interested in showing off their strength? Are you expecting a new addition to the family and you want to adapt your climbing frame? We have you covered in every front!

Creative play

Pirates and princesses, little coffee shops and restaurants or simply roleplaying as a family. Some children really love to use their imagination when it comes to playing and our climbing frames are perfect for them. But there’s always a way to help them make the most out of their playset so these are some of the accessories they can enjoy in their creative adventures:

Jumbo Binoculars & Jumbo Telescope
These couple are perfect for all those little bucaneers, pirates and adventurers in your family. Made with heavy duty plastic and a clear lens that doesn’t magnify, they will spark your child’s imagination and provide hours of entertainment!

Steering Wheel
This durable plastic, green Steering Wheel will spark the imaginations of your children. Is the climbing frame a speeding motor car, or a trundling lorry? Are we cruising down long, dusty motorway or are we hurtling around tricky race track? The wheel actually works, making imaginative play a reality!

Active play

As children grow, they like to go crazy, going up and down their climbing frames, swinging higher, climbing faster, anything to get that rush of adrenaline and to show they are the best athletes around. We know how us parents worry about our children getting hurt so, why not give them the possibility of going crazy without having leaving the house

Trapeze Bar
The Trapeze Bar is must-have item for any climbing frame! The ropes are soft to the touch and the trapeze bar and rings are made from durable, UV-resistant plastic. The fixings at the top of the trapeze ropes are universal, meaning the Trapeze Bar can fit any climbing frame! So if you have little gymnasts-in-training, this is the perfect accessory for you!

Monkey Bars
The Selwood Monkey Bars are a must-have if you have little rascals to keep preoccupied! A long-time favourite with children, these monkey bars are suitable for climbing frames with a 4ft play deck. Monkey bars are great for improving a child’s motor skills and coordination as well as for tiring them out!

Baby Accessories

2-chlid Glider
The Glider swing is a wonderful accessory for families with several children who want to avoid arguments over the swings! Two children can swing together back-to-back on the Glider and of course, if there aren’t any companions available, a child can swing alone! Made from heavy duty green and yellow, UV-resistant plastic, the Glider can hold two children with a combined weight of 100kg. The swing ropes are soft to touch, just like the other swings we have on offer. There are big handle bars for the kids to grip on to and footrests for their feet too!

Baby Swing
The high back baby seat is a fantastic addition to any playset or swingset for younger children. The seat is suitable for children aged from 6 months to 36 months. The integral T-bar support, waist strap and high back provide plenty of restraint and support to ensure a safe and enjoyable swing. The ropes are height adjustable to suit any playset or swingset.