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Slides are one of the most popular and prominent features on climbing frames. Children of all ages love to race down a speedy slide.

Selwood offers a fantastic range of outdoor play equipment with slides of all shapes and sizes.

Straight slides

The majority of our climbing frames come with a straight slide which has an added wave for a super fast descent down from the play deck. All slides feature high sided rails to ensure the children get down safely.

We have slides to fit 3ft,4ft and 5ft deck heights. The higher the deck height the bigger the slide.

1.0m (3ft) straight slide


This straight slide is ideal for all deck heights of 1.0m (3ft) Its manufactured out of injection moulded HDPE plastic with a smooth finish. The slide boasts high rails to ensure your children are safe and do not fall off the sides.

1.2m (4ft) straight slide


An extended version of the 1m slide, this 1.2m slide is compatible with all 4ft deck height climbing frames. Its 2.2m in length and features the high side safety rails.

Speedy slide (5ft) deck height


The 10ft speedy slide has been manufactured to mount 5ft high play decks. The slide comes flat packed ready for quick home delivery & assembly. Added waves are included for a super fun speedy descent. As with all our slides they come UV protected and with high sided safety rails.

2.75m Straight slide (5ft) deck height

Wooden Climbing frame cafe counter

This straight slide is 2.75m in length and comes as one complete unit. Its ideal for climbing frames, play sets, or tree houses with a 1.5m (5ft) deck height. The underside of the slide features a series of finger maze puzzles for the kids to enjoy.

Tube Slides

All children love tube slides. Here at Selwood we have two types of tube slide available in both green or yellow. The yellow TNR tube slide comes included on models like the Althorp, twin mountain and Sandpoint. Customers can purchase the slide individually to fit all 5ft deck heights under the accessories tab online. The tight curve means it takes up minimal room in your garden.

The green tube slide has been designed to fit all next generation climbing frames (4ft deck height) The slide is long and twisty and features two wooden supports that secure the position of the tube side at key areas to ensure maximum strength and stability whilst in use.