Select Page delivers across Ireland, yes we always have and we arrange delivery to your home across all of the mainland. You can order from this website or which provides local information about delivery or pick up should wish to drive to Dublin and pick up from the warehouse. Climbing frames are all made from cedar wood with outstanding qualities it doesn’t need staining every year for warranty only if you want to keep it looking like new. On, we have a lot more information about the frames than is currently available on .ie

Climbing Frame Features

We have already touched on the cedar wood construction, but this only provides a starting point for features and benefits of climbing frames. Play forts are what joins different aspects together. In its own right these are often great little play areas that are covered by a roof protecting children from the elements. You can get wooden or trap roof depending on the model.

Climbing frame slides, tube or straight are the main choices one is quick and direct for those who love a bit of speed and tube slides that let kids experience some g-forces as they go down and the enclosed slide which will mean tight spaces will never be an issue for these kids.

Swing features that go from baby seats allowing the littlest people to enjoy being part of the fun, to climbing frames for older children with trapeze bars that replicate this circus performance at a lower height. Standard belt swings are equally enjoyable by kids and parents alike, but a two-child glider is really one just for kids better if with a pair although one child will still be able to use it.

Enjoy your climbing frame no matter which one of websites you choose to order from it will be with you in good time.