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Climbing Frame Finance - The Truth

Many people consider the option of finance when choosing their children’s garden play equipment. Here we discuss the pro’s & con’s of credit cards, bank loans, finance & pre-orders.

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Paypal Finance

Checkout with PayPal Finance and you could take advantage of 0% interest for 4 months on all purchases of £99+. Possibly the perfect way to spread the cost of a new climbing frame. 

Pros: Secure, Quick & Easy, Finance without extra cost
Cons: You need a paypal account

Credit Cards

Credit cards can be a fantastic way to fund a large purchase if you qualify for a 0% offer. However, credit cards can also attract high interest rates once the interest free period comes to an end. 

Pros: Finance with low extra cost, easy if you already have a card, you get the product straight away
Cons: You need to apply and pass a credit check if you don’t already have a credit card. Very high charges if you miss a payment or go beyond set term

Bank Loans

An unsecured bank loan can be another alternative option. A longer repayment term means that you can spread the cost of a loan from just a few months to several years, allowing you to juggle finances more freely. 

Pros: Longer repayment period, possibly cheaper than 0% finance, you get the product straight away 
Cons: You need to apply and pass a credit check, high interest

Interest Free Credit

Don’t be fooled – Interest free credit is not free. Many lenders charge retailers up to a 10% fee to offer finance. Therefore it is normal for a retailer to increase the advertised price to cover the interest charges they have to pay.  This means you could be paying up to 10% more for anything you buy on interest free credit!  

Pros: Quicker to apply than bank loans or credit cards, you get the product straight away
Cons: Higher product prices, possibly even more expensive than credit cards, or bank loans


We run a Spring & Christmas pre-order scheme which allows you to reserve one of our products for free or with a small deposit. You can then pay us the remaining balance over a period of time, or in one lump sum before we dispatch the order to you.

Pros: Longer repayment time, no credit check, fast & easy 
Cons: You must pay in full before delivery

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Do it right and credit cards are the cheapest way to borrow. You can get 0% for up to 28 months on new purchases – yet get it wrong and you’ll be stuck in debt for years.

Martin Lewis

Money Saving Expert

“We recommend customers purchase outright if possible. If they need finance we recommend they speak to a specialist to  find the best deal for them & their situation.

Andrew Beard

Selwood Products Founder

A Retailer You Can Trust

We don’t offer finance at checkout because we’re not finance specialists. We feel that people should make informed choices about finance, and shouldn’t be encouraged to enter at checkout. 
We considered finance and spoke to several popular providers to see if it would work for us and our customers, but we found more drawbacks than benefits.  

Social Responsibility

Customers should be able to make personal or expert guided decisions about finance. We don’t believe one solution suits all our customers. 

Best Prices

We offer the best value products we can. Offering finance would force us to increase prices for all to subsidise the cost of offering finance for the few.

No Fees & Charges

Finance should be carefully considered, not a snap choice at checkout.  You should know who you’re delaing with, the costs involved and clauses.

Popular Products

We have a the best range of children's cedar climbing frames  in the UK. Including all-in-one garden play equipment with swings, slides, monkey bars and integrated playhouses.
We also offer forts and treehouses for those with smaller gardens.

Sun Bistro


Swings  •  Slide  •  Kitchen

Width 3.302m x Depth 2.743m
(Height 2.46m)

Sandy Cove


Glider Swing  •  Monkey Bar 

Width 3.96m x Depth 3.86m
(Height 2.69m)



2-Slides.  •  Playhouse  •  Trapeze

Width 5.08m x Depth 4.17m
(Height 2.86m)



2-Slides  •  Swings  •  Mega Fort

Width 5.5m x Depth 4.8m
(Height 3.23m)

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