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All Selwood Climbing Frames are designed and constructed using quality materials with your child’s safety in mind. All our climbing frames use high quality lumbar known as ‘Cedar Wood’. We recommend all frames are anchored to the ground securely with ground stakes to improve safety. Whilst your children enjoys the playset’s range of features and accessories. Knowing your frame is securely anchored will reduce safety hazards/issues. All our wooden climbing frames are all quite heavy, so you can leave your swing set free standing. This weight will ensure your frame finds a foothold in the ground (soil) below. Helping it be safe for your children to play on. However, to enhance playset safety, we have designed an array of ground stakes. These come with our frames making it easy to secure climbing frames down to the ground.


Climbing Frame Anchors

Our sets use wooden anchors as seen in the above picture. These are hand crafted, 14 inches long with pre-drilled holes already inserted. Throughout our range of climbing frames between 4 – 6 ground stakes are provided. As can be seen in the caption, different play sets require their own types of ground stakes. These can be plastic or metal differing in size, weight, and length. All ground stakes should be placed around the sets bottom to firmly hold it in place. Additionally we recommended all stakes are inserted into the ground at a minimum depth of 35cm.

Why Use Ground Stakes with Climbing Frames?

Notably high winds are a major risk factor towards outdoor climbing frames. Securing your frame down with ground anchors reduces the risk of frames toppling over in the wind. For people living in areas that experience in particularly high winds and gusty weather, we recommend sets are securely anchored to the ground. In most cases concreting the anchors into the ground is the safest option.

The design of our anchors makes them easily inserted into the ground as well as easily removable. Meaning moving your play set to another destination or just replacing the stakes is easy. All ground stakes should be maintained properly along with your play set. At least once a month during play season the owners should check for any looseness, damage or deterioration. After heavy bouts of weather such as strong winds and rain, it’s vital the stakes are checked to ensure they are still firmly anchoring the unit to the ground.

If you wish to purchase some new ground stakes / anchors from us please follow the following link. (