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At Selwood we have a massive range of climbing frames available for you to choose from. Whether you have a small garden or loads of space there is bound to be something for you.

All of our frames are made from Cedar wood and come with a 10 year warranty. Cedar wood is the perfect wood for climbing frames as it is resistant to rot and decay. It also less likely to splinter than other types of wood such as pine, therefore making it safer for your children.

Features On Your Garden Climbing Frame

The more features a climbing frame has, the more fun it will be for your children. Kids love a challenge and our frames certainly offer them that. They are designed for children aged 3+ years however our larger frames have plenty to keep older children entertained for hours!

Almost all of our frames include a swingset, this will allow your children to just step out in to the back garden rather than treck down to the park to play on the swings. Swings are fun for children of all ages and with our climbing frames all our swings can be attached or removed with ease. This will allow you to purchase accessories such as the glider swing or the high back baby seat depending on who is using the swings!

Climbing Frames For Smaller Gardens

The perfect Climbing Frames would be the Andorra, QueenslandOriana FortMeadowvale & Meadowside II. The ‘Fort’ Climbing frames are perfect for smaller gardens not to mention that these feature an upper deck of 4ft high. A wooden or vinyl roof depending on which set you chose in addition to the rock wall ladder. Some of the fort climbing frames also come with an enclosed lower playhouse.

Climbing Frames For Larger Gardens

If you have an abundance of space in your garden as well as a larger budget then we have some hugely impressive frames on offer. Frames such as the Skyline, Sandy Cove & Salina are our largest frames but also come with a large price tag. They offer a vast range of features and would keep children of any age busy for hours with their friends!