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Make sure you carry out a Maintenance Check on your Climbing Frame before Summer holidays. These annual checks are needed to keep the frame safe for kids.





These Maintenance Checks Should Include:

  • Checking that all bolts are tight

Bolts need to be tight, however if you over tighten them this can cause cracking this means to they don’t try and counter sink by just tightening them.

  • Check levels of fort and swing beam – Make sure that this is straight and level.

Swing beams need to be level, this will make sure the swings don’t clash or fit the posts at either end.

  • Check for splinters – If you find a splintered area, we suggest you lightly sand the area smooth again and re-stain/seal as required.

Use a fine grade of sandpaper, this should give the best finish smooth and no splinters or course edges.

  • Add fresh sand to sand pit play area.

Depending on the downtime you may have to replaced if this has been left untended for an extended period of time.

  • Add some accessories – We have a wide range of accessories available on our website. View the link HERE 

Keep the climbing frame fresh by adding new play features like, steering wheels, telescopes or a supplementary game pack.

  • Make sure area is clear of obstructions.

Be aware of any thing that may have changed in the garden, are all clearance areas still safe.

  • Check the depth  and condition of the safety surface.

Has grass regrown, or is the ground compacted creating a potential risk. Has bark compacted and turned into mulch that no longer creates  a suitable surface. Sand needs to be checked carefully if left uncovered.

  • Clean the side and swings.

Simple rag and water will do the trick nicely.

Some checks might take a few moments, some may give you a little work. However, they are all worth doing well so you can ensure hours of safe play outside in the summer.

Always remember do not let children play unaccompanied.

If you have any questions on this please do not hesitate to contact us.