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Making swings and slide sets is what we do, only Selwood call them climbing frames. Added features and toys keep children entertained. This makes standard swings and slides more fun than old stand alone play equipment.

It was once enough to have swings and slides attached a-frames. These were okay, but they weren’t loved and looked like scaffolding in gardens.

Slides made from metal, or even wooden (ouch, splinters). Compared with modern plastic slides produced with new methods that lead to a lower cost. Producing plastic slides at a lower cost was an important development, making play equipment accessible to the masses. This revolutionised back gardens many more people could now get swings and slides. Now you can choose between numerous combinations of swings and slides. These can have metal, plastic or wood.

Cedar Wood Swing & Slide Sets

Selwood’s choice is wooden climbing frames, specifically cedar. Chosen as natural characteristics making it durable for outdoor play equipment. Resins that repel insects and prevent decay and cedar has a high dimensional stability. Meaning cedar doesn’t bend or change shape in changing weather. This is better than pine that requires pressure treatment, it’s widely accepted that this process has to be very careful monitored to be safe for play equipment.

Swings and slides with climbing features like monkey bars, rock walls even playhouses. This keeps many play features in one space, not having lots of play equipment across the garden creates a tidier space. Now it becomes possible to fill up gardens with yet more play equipment.

Swing, Slide and Climb!

The natural progression of swing and slide sets was integration with climbing features. Which is what Selwood have done calling them climbing frames. Creating play opportunities on different types of swings, slides and climbing features.


Our belt swings, unlike solid swings, mould to users, making them far more suitable for hours more swinging. Gliders get two children active at the same time, play together for higher results. Trapeze bars let children explore limits of strength and agility from an early stage, creating all those development benefits this play has for children.


Three simple options straight slide, curved and tube. Wanting speed then straight slides are best getting down quicker than any other. Curved slides slow things down a bit, you will feel some little lateral g-force. Tube slides, encourage spelunking they become favourites for users. Any fears of tight spaces? Tube slides are good for getting over this quickly.

Swing Set Accessories

Continuing to make sets more fun for children, with a range of climbing frame accessories that add more play value. Look at climbing frames feature images, and look for toys. The Skylines crows nest has a telescope, so it’s included. The same goes with any frame with a glider. You can get steering wheels for ships and racing cars.