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Yet again we are finding better value for your money! In the battle between wood and metal yet again we have a clear winner! This metal climbing frame in the same price bracket as the wooden Sunview and as you can see it lacks the functions of our wooden frame. The swing beam can accommodate two swings against none, it has a climbing wall against potentially slippy metal bars. At least it has a slide though, one out of three isn’t too bad for an extra £30. Save the money and buy an outdoor climbing frame from Selwood.

TP Toys Explorer2 Climbing Frame

Activity Toys Direct have the ‘TP Toys Explorer2 Climbing Frame’ for sale for £269.95

This climbing frame has only a slide as an accessory where as Selwood have the Sunview Climbing Frame for only £239

Sunview Climbing Frame

The Sunview has many accessory features such as an 8ft slide, rock wall ladder which also has big enough gaps to be used as a normal ladder if the young ones wish and also this frame comes with a two position swing beam!

Why would you want to pay £30 more for something which is again much less!

More reasons on why you should shop with us.

They always go above and beyond to help you and you get fantastic value for money!