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Not just a Climbing Frame… it’s so much more!

Purchasing a climbing frame for your garden is a big decision to make. Especially when you consider the vast array of differing models, wood types used in construction and accessories that each potential playset comes with. That is why we are pleased to offer our customers with such a plethora of different playset configuration, and why we use child-friendly cedar wood in the construction of our playsets.

A Play Set Is More Than Wood

We also believe that your playset should be so much more than just a strong wooden structure. We believe it should be a place of fun, adventure and imagination.

That is why we are always pleased to hear back from our customers with their great stories about how their playset has become so much more than just the climbing frame that they thought they were purchasing.

For instance, with the addition of a couple of small accessories like the captain’s wheel and a telescope and your child’s wonderful powers of imagination, any of the upper cabins can easily be turned into the exciting deck of a pirate ship, driving its way through the rolling waves, sailing towards an exciting treasure hunt.

Climbing Frame Review

One such customer mentioned the following about their playset: “This piece of adventure play equipment is an absolute Godsend! Smooth delivery to finished sturdy construction went without a hitch. Our 4-year-old boy is delighted with it. It is used in all weathers & the waterproof canvas roof has proved useful when having outdoor lunches, as shelter from sun & rain. His little friends love it too & it has fired their imagination. The latest use is as their pirate ship! We can thoroughly recommend purchasing this item and in the short space of time we have had it, we have certainly had our monies worth! Hope it’s enjoyed for many more years to come.”

Play Fort Deck

Other uses for the upper deck could be as a sky bound picnic area, a hideout or an observation tower looking out to space.

It is not however just the upper deck that has received a lot of praise. The lower playhouse can be made into a number of creative and imaginative places, for games like shop, check-in desk or anything else that your children can think up. Certain other climbing frames in the Next Generation series of play equipment (Aero/Jazz/Nova/Toro/Rede) include a mini kitchenette feature complete with basin, play hob and utensils like pots, pans and spatula.

So you see when you purchase a Climbing Frame through Selwood Products, you are not just purchasing a climbing frame for your children or a structure for your garden, what you are purchasing is so much more.

Have you got a great story to tell us about your climbing frame? Send us in some pictures and comments and we would be happy to feature you on a future blog.