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You know what it is like. Sometimes you can be sitting there on a lovely summers day and your children are bored with nothing to do. You could try and make up an activity, but pretty soon they get bored of that. It is not that they are unruly or naughty, they have just done it all before and they want something new today. More and more people are finding out that having a great quality wooden playset in their garden means that they have maximum fun and enjoyment for their children, and a great way to build confidence and even team building among siblings.

Our outdoor play sets are the best in the industry. They provide hours of fun for children, and unique ways to discover more about themselves and their abilities. These wooden play sets are great fun, no matter what size garden you have. They come in a range of sizes and styles, so you should find a set that fits your home. They are even easy to build, so you don’t have to fuss about with lots of tools. All the sets come ready to build with the correct fixings all in place and an incredibly easy set of instructions to make setting up your new play set a breeze. This means your children don’t have to wait long to get going.

Demanding standards

We have also ensured that all our playsets meet demanding standards as regards quality and safety. These playsets have been tested to the extreme, so they can take any kind of rough play or any kind of physique, ensuring safety at all times and a high-quality play experience for your children. They’re tough and rugged, and made of the best wood available today, cedar wood. Cedar is famous for being ideal for playsets, but not all wooden playsets and climbing frames in the UK are made of cedar wood.

Pine Vs Cedar Wood

The wood is respected by playset manufacturers because it is supremely safe for young hands. One of the worst things that can happen during a play session on a climbing frame is for a splinter to become lodged in the child’s skin. With cedar wood this is not an issue. Within cedar wood there is a unique knot structure, which prevents splintering.

Many climbing frame and playset manufacturers use pine wood rather than cedar. This is because pine is more cost effective when creating playsets. However, pine must be chemically treated if it is to last two seasons outdoors. Pine has to be treated with elements like fungicide and chemical pesticide to make it last through adverse conditions. Cedar wood, on the other hand, does not have to be treated in this way. Instead, it is especially tough against adverse weather conditions and insects, so is essentially virtually rot proof.

Why not contact us today and find out about our extensive range of climbing frames and playhouses for your home. We guarantee you’ll be impressed.