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It’s a well known fact all children love to swing!

Gliding through the air be it high or low offers children a great sense of well being.

At we offer a wide range of play-sets incorporated with swing units to suit the needs of all family.

The monkey ladder swing combination is arguably one of our most popular swing units. This can be found incorporated into many popular frames such as the Meadowside II, Elan and Althorpe deluxe to name a few. The monkey ladder swing can be used as either a swing or monkey bar providing children with the with the perfect opportunity to test their limits and see how far they can swing from rung to rung.

We offer this unit in the form of a two or three position swing.

Two position Monkey ladder

The two position is the smaller model which features space for two durable yellow belt swings. The belt swings are made from a high quality injection moulded EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) plastic, that moulds tightly, but comfortably around your child’s seating position. Our belt swings have a grippy surface and are flexible so they wrap around to ‘hold’ your children’s hips as they sit.

Compatible also with our Selwood duo seat glider; it’s perfect for those families with a little less space in their garden. 

 Three position Monkey ladder swing

The three position monkey ladder includes two of our yellow belt swings as well as an acrobatic trapeze for the children to test themselves on. The three position offers that extra swing option as well as a longer monkey bar to help build the children’s climbing strength and fine motor skills.

This is perfect for larger families as it offers the space for three swings to operate at once. Again our very popular Selwood glider is also compatible with this unit and can be easily incorporated via the swing hangers provided.


Three position swing beam

Another swing unit we have available is the single three position swing beam. This can be found on ALL our Next generation climbing frames and classic models such as the Sandy Cove, Oriana and Stonefield to name a few best sellers. 

The three position swing unit has a very strong and durable swing beam that attaches to the main side of the fort structure. On the swing beam are three accessories in the form of two belt swings and a trapeze bar. Thanks to the innovative way that the swings attach to the climbing frame via metal clamps, changing out the accessories is a piece of cake.

For all Next generation frames we also offer the chance for customers to cut down the swing beam to either a two position or single swing unit.

Single swing position

The Single Swing climbing frame provides a great space saving option for families who don’t have the space for the larger swing unit and climbing frame combined.  By modifying the existing swing beam and reducing the length it is possible to save over 1m 20cm of the overall width of the frame. 



Designed specifically to work with our new range of Next Generation Climbing Frames we have the Next Gen Glider. The glider makes a fantastic addition to the swing accessories available on the playsets. It has two seats so children can sit back-to-back and ‘glide’ back and forth. The glider can also easily be used by a single child if a friend or sibling is not available. 

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If you have any questions and wish to find out more about our exciting range; please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone, Email or live chat support for help. 🙂