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Everyone’s gardens vary in terms of overall size, layout and design. Here at Selwood our climbing frames are manufactured to cater the needs of all garden sizes. Being modular based there are many ways in which customers can tweak their frame to suit its final location. 

Popular alterations include swapping sides of the frame/tower. Attaching the swings onto different points of the fort as well as the slide.

Here are a few examples of some of the alterations customers have made to their frames.

Swing alterations

Probably one of the most popular alterations is changing the side in which the swings are attached from. Common garden obstacles such as fences, trees, sheds and bushes can often affect the placement of the play set. Due to the modularity of our climbing frames the option to alter the sides in which the swings attach can be easily undertaken. This can be seen via the images below for the Osborn climbing frame.

As well as altering the the side the swings mount from many customers choose to swap aspects of the fort such as the positioning of tube slides, ladders and rock walls. With a little deviation from the instruction manual these changes are a piece of cake. 

Slide alterations

Some choose to have their slide fixed out of the side of the fort as opposed to the front. Other common changes have also seen the slide exit the back of the fort. With the rock wall take its position at the front of the frame.

We have a range of straight, curved as well as wavy slides available to fit the various deck heights of our play sets. These can all be viewed via our accessories page online.

Our new range of Next generation climbing frames have been manufactured to enhance the modularity of our sets. Being over 40% panelised, premium cedar construction, and pre-assembled wall and roof panels mean your Selwood Climbing frame will be quick to assemble, fun for your children, as well as durable.

With an increased panelised construction the switching of panels and altering your play set to suit you and your garden has never been easier. For more information on our climbing frames then please visit our website